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If your favorite markdown editor is Boost Note, we recommend you to memorize a few keyboard shortcuts. They're going to make you even more productive.

Ctrl + N

Create a new note

Ctrl + E

Enter Editor mode

Ctrl + W

Exit Editor mode

Ctrl + M

Toggle Editor mode (customizable in Preferences)

Ctrl + J

Move to the note below

Ctrl + K

Move to the note above

Ctrl + S

Focus on search input

Ctrl + /

Insert current date (customizable)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + /

Insert current date and time (customizable)

Ctrl + B

Hide/show sidebar and note bar

Ctrl + Del

Delete the note

Ctrl + Alt + L

Toggle main (customizable)

Ctrl + Alt + S

Toggle Finder popup (customizable)

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + S

Sort selected lines

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + F

Prettify Markdown note (customizable)


Show/Hide menu bar (customizable)

Super + Alt + E

Show/Hide Boostnote (customizable)

Ctrl + F

Open search

Ctrl + G

Jump to next occurence

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + G

Jump to previous occurence

Ctrl + N

Opens a note creation modal

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Program information

Program name: Boost Note Boost Note (Developer tools)

Boost Note is a open-source markdown editor for developers. It has features such as offline editing, multiple device support and syntax highlighting.

Web page:

Last update: 13 Mar 2020

Updated: Added some shortcuts. (3 updates.) 1/20/2020 2:24:24 PM New program added.
1/20/2020 2:28:02 PM Updated program information.
3/13/2020 7:22:25 AM Added some shortcuts.

Shortcut count: 21

How easy to press shortcuts: 82%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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