Ukraine's victory is near

12 mois

I said a few things about the invasion of Russia when the invasion began. At that time, I also mentioned that country's "leader" Vladimir Putin would lose (the article with machine translation into English is here). I don't need to say much anymore because Putin couldn't do what he wanted; it is taking much longer than he anticipated, he began to suffocate in Ukraine. The comments and determinations made in our country (Turkiye) were either incomplete or wrong - it is a pity that we could not fully see it, while the whole world, except for three or five countries, were aware more or less what is going on.

Sometimes some corrupted "leaders" embark on such a show of power, thinking they will do some things. They're not aware they are erasing themselves, they don't have such vision, wisdom. The thing is that the time of such "leaders" is almost past, we see it in many places, some of them like Donald Trump are already gone, you can expect many such leaders to be history soon. This does not mean that the world will suddenly become a much better place. It is another matter, it may not become better in other ways, for other reasons.

I think those who are still in the wrong stance should change their mindset now. Those who say "But US & Europe are deceiving him" should think again; because these supporters told themselves: Putin is a very clever man (but turned out not). We also know examples of this in near places.

When Putin realizes that he is going to lose, he can set some things on fire. This does not mean that he will win, I think it just means that he will lose more spectacularly... The era of such "leaders" is over, it's over. I'd say, please don't be mistaken.

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