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G then D

Go to Dashboard tab

G then T

Go to Tickets tab

G then E

Go to Social tab

G then S

Go to Solutions tab

G then F

Go to Forums tab

G then C

Go to Customers tab

G then R

Go to Reports tab

G then A

Go to Admin tab

G then N

Open New ticket form

G then M

Open Outbound email


Place the cursor in the Search box


View the list of keyboard shortcuts available

Alt +

Go to the next page

Alt +

Go to the previous page

Move cursor to the previous ticket

Move cursor to the next ticket


Select the ticket


Jump to views


Execute a scenario


Scroll down the ticket

⤶ Enter

Open the ticket


Assign the ticket to yourself


Delete a ticket


Close a ticket

Alt + ~

Close ticket without sending email notification


Mark the ticket as spam

After you open a ticket, you can use these shortcuts to perform actions.

Go to the next ticket


Go to the previous ticket


Reply to a ticket


Forward a ticket


Add note to a ticket

Ctrl + ⤶ Enter

Send the content in the text editor

Alt + Ctrl + ⤶ Enter

Opens the 'Send' dropdown in the text editor for applying a Status change (Example: 'Send and Set as Pending')


Add yourself as a watcher to a ticket


Add time to a ticket




Assign the ticket to yourself


Delete a ticket


Close a ticket


Mark a ticket as spam


Expand the conversations in a ticket


View the activities of the ticket

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Program information

Program name: Freshdesk (Productivity)

Freshdesk is a web based help desk ticketing software. It integrates traditional support channels such as phone, email, chat and the web with news social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

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