Windows 11 is changing Print Screen key (a little)

Zeynel -
14 mois

The function of the Print Screen key may change slightly with an upcoming update to Windows 11. The Print Screen key, currently only copies an image of the current screen to the clipboard, but it may soon open Microsoft's Snipping Tool.

In fact, the Print Screen key can automatically open the Snipping Tool today, too via a setting (Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard). It turns out that this behavior will become the default with the KB5025310 update, which is expected to be released soon. The function of the Print Screen key needed some innovations, especially for those who use multiple monitors, as it takes the image of all monitors. You can of course take the image of the active window with Alt + PrintScreen, but it isn't the entire active monitor always.

Those who are not completely satisfied with the function of the Print Screen button have been using different tools such as ShareX for a long time. Even Microsoft itself is trying to save screenshots with OneDrive.

We do not yet know what will happen when we use the Print Screen key during games. We believe Microsoft has thought about it, otherwise this change can be more of an annoyance for some users.

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