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We've founded as a website dedicated for keyboard shortcuts and technology how-tos. Keyboard shortcuts are essential part of desktop programs and while they don't replace mouse, they can make you work much faster.

We definitely aren't first keyboard shortcut web site around but we're probably first to break the keys down, and allow you to browse by shortcut keys. You can click any shortcut key you see on the site to see which programs use it and what for.

We're also probably first to at least aim to become a tech tips and news portal, alongside a keyboard shortcut database. Lastly, DefKey provides almost all content both in English and Turkish. As of May 2019, I created a French version of website, and started to translate shortcuts into French.

As founder of this project, I know I must cut it short: We're glad that you are here, and your presence will help us grow. Thank you!

Who are you?

My name is Zeynel Öztürk and I'm full time news editor on Turkish version of tech outlet CHIP Online since 2010 (update: until the end of 2018). The site is developed by me under ASP.NET MVC, and it's my first project being a web programmer. I'm accustomed to translating program strings much before 2010 by translating WinRAR to Turkish. Probably this is what helped me turning such idea to reality.

Design is done by my brother and me and I've others who help me for the content.

Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions on the comments below!

Our team

Founder - Zeynel Öztürk

Graphic design - Ruhi Öztürk

Writer - Hüseyin Öztürk

Special thanks

Selim Öztürk

Cem Sinanoğlu

Cenk Tarhan

Hüseyin Öztürk


Reha Bayar

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Hey guys, I just wanted to see if you need anything in the way of site editing/code fixing/programming, unique blog post material, extra traffic by getting others to start sharing your site across their own social media accounts, social media management, etc. I have quite a few ways I can set all of this and do this for you. Don't mean to impose, was just curious, I've been doing this for some time and was just curious if you needed an extra hand. I can even do Wordpress and other related tasks (you name it).

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I love what you have built here! I've been looking for this for ages. THANK YOU!!!!!