What's new in Defkey?

Public changelogs for web sites aren't so common, but we'd like to let you know a bit about development side. Every time we update Defkey's code, we'll list changes and fixes here.

What's on the horizon?

  • Grouping by keyboard shortcut descriptions. This way, a developer can see which shortcuts are most used for a specific action, among all programs. For example, you'll be able to see what shortcuts are used mostly for "Italic".
  • Done: A reversed sorting option for https://defkey.com/rankings/most-used-keyboard-shortcuts . That would show least used shortcuts.
  • More features planned, but I don't want to give all the spoilers.


  • Improvement: When somebody writes a new comment to a program, comment count on the top of the page will hopefully show the correct number (that number will be taken with ajax from server, even if the page is cached)
  • Improvement: Copy button in What Means Shortcut pages will now copy shortcut key text, too. Those pages have less HTML code now, as I removed repetitive text in code.


  • Change: A "Close" button added to shortcut URL sharing box.
  • Change: Comments look like a question will get question mark instead of generic message icon.


  • Improvement: Navigation links in "Contents" section in program pages now has URLs for right click > Copy. Earlier they didn't allow this, their anchor link was javascript:void(0). Those links still work the same way, scrolling with JavaScript without reloading the page. It is just dummy link is changed to a real URL for people who want to copy exact location of a header.


  • New feature: The new filter feature is now available for "Easiest shortcuts" page too: https://defkey.com/rankings/easiest-keyboard-shortcuts


  • Fix: New filter function in Most used shortcuts page would show same shortcuts in different ways. For example Ctrl + Alt + B would be also listed as Alt + Ctrl + B. This is fixed, by removing duplicates in list. Only most used version of shortcut will be visible.
  • Fix: The second 'custom shortcut' text box in new filter function in Most used shortcuts page wasn't working. Fixed.


  • New feature: Most used shortcuts page now has a filter function that allows to specify which keys should be included and excluded. You can also select number of keys in shortcut and sort in reverse order, so unpopular shortcuts come first. This feature will probably be useful for software developers who are looking to find popular or not popular shortcuts for their programs.
  • Known issue: In dark mode, some of the texts become almost invisible. Some css is messed up, and I couldn't find and clean it up yet.


  • Improvement: In-page search now hides empty headings if there are no matches under them.


This build includes various fixes for known minor problems.

  • Improvement: In-page search now supports wildcard (*) character.
  • Improvement: In-page search now expands panels if they're closed. This happens once; if you close a panel it won't be re-expanded.
  • Improvement: In-page search filter can be cancelled by pressing ESC in anywhere of page.
  • Improvement: Some JS code was left in page HTML. They're moved to external js.
  • Fix: URLs with e.g. #comment-2142 wouldn't scroll to related comment sometimes (because comments were loaded later if they're not latest in a cached page). Fixed.
  • Fix: Comment section will reload in correct language. Why does it reload? Because the page is cached sometimes along with comments and comment like counts, even though I flush the cache after new comments. It only reloads after if there are new comments / (dis)likes.


  • New feature: In program pages, filtering shortcuts with a keyword is now possible. In other words, you can now perform a in-page search by using the search box below the program picture, instead of using browser's Ctrl + F (find) feature. This introduces another new element in the page, which I want to be careful about. But hopefully it does not make the page look cluttered.


  • Change: Dark mode has a brighter font now.
  • Fix: Non-existent news URLs would return 500, now they return a proper 404.


  • New feature: Some new stats in mainpage: Number of programs and number of games in the database.
  • Improvement: In French version of the site, French key names like Maj, Espace will work. They'll not autocomplete though.
  • Improvement: In French version of the site, errors in search page (such as not displaying French name of a program) are resolved.


  • Improvement: Improvement on parsing shortcut lists will make long lists to open faster. This is thanks to reduced usage of regular expressions when adding html tags and translating shortcuts in C# code.


  • Information: The site is now running on a Windows VPS (it runs just this site). Earlier, it was on a shared hosting.
  • Improvement: Site search now uses fulltext search feature of SQL server for searching in shortcut descriptions. This works much faster, gives results almost instantly. For queries with words consist of three or less characters, usual SQL LIKE operator used in conjuction with SQL CONTAINS (fulltext search).
  • Fix: "Shortcut embed box" would display white background in sites with dark background. Now it doesn't use any background color outside of its border line.


  • New feature: Meta-description (text that appears in Google search results) will be auto-generated for shortcuts. This works only in English for now, as I'm testing it. The function that generates the text consider shortcut popularity, easyness and sometimes give some information about the number of programs using that shortcut.
  • New feature: In addition to ASP.NET output cache, the site will cache some of the popular programs in memory. This cache may survive longer than output cache and only caches program's shortcut lines; so controller code is run actually.
  • Fix: Comments in news articles wouldn't appear in French version of the site.
  • Information: I'm preparing to move to a VPS from the shared hosting I've been using since the beginning of the site. The switch will be done near the end of this month, probably.


  • New feature: A new "copy to clipboard" button for "what means key" pages.


  • New feature: Comments will now show 'OP' (Original poster) or 'Admin' tags according to poster.
  • New feature: The shortcut rating in What Means Key pages will have one of these four colors depending on the rating: Red (worst one), yellow, green, and orange (easiest to press).


  • New feature: French translations page (https://defkey.com/fr/raccourcisfrancais) now shows two additional percentage bars, indicating how many of important programs are translated into French.


  • Improvement: French translations can be made faster with new CMS improvements.


  • Improvement: In French site, French key names will look localized (such as Maj for Shift, Echap for Esc, etc.). French URLs for such keys will stay in English.


  • New feature: New rankings "Programs with easiest shortcuts", "most popular shortcuts" and "easiest shortcuts". They're of course generated, not static.
  • Change: Article text in program pages are now a bit larger.
  • Change: Dark mode button now looks more like a keyboard button.
  • Change: The "breadcrumb" is now acts as a link in shortcut and news article pages.
  • Fix: Various fixes.


  • New feature: Dark mode button. If system settings is in dark mode, the site prefers dark mode. Button is only visible in desktop resolutions.
  • New feature: I'm adding new top shortcut lists such as "programs with easiest shortcuts", "most popular shortcuts" and "easiest shortcuts". Currently only first one works.


  • Fix: Fixed in What Means Key pages, one program would appear more than once , if it uses same shortcut multiple times (this is fixed only for program names under "Popular" heading.) For example if Ctrl + X used for 5 different actions in Excel, earlier it would be listed multiple times in "Popular programs using this shortcut" list.
  • New feature: This feature will appear in a day, after data is populated. Shortcut rank (how popular a shortcut is among programs) is displayed in "What Means Key" pages, along with similarly popular shortcuts.


  • Fix: Fixed navbar jumping when page loading. All pages now always have a scroll bar to avoid this jumping.
  • New feature: Programs now show an "Average shortcut easiness" score in percent. It is shown in Program information pane on the right.


  • Fix: A few bugs are fixed in "force language" feature.
  • Optimization: Various pages make 4-5 less DB requests now, meaning a tiny bit faster page loading. MemoryCache is used to keep some objects like latest articles, categories in cache. There is also CDN cache for most of the site except homepage, so this won't make a any difference for CDN cached pages.
  • Optimization: Site favicon uses SVG logo in Firefox. Chrome doesn't support SVG for favicon, so it uses webp alternative.
  • Optimization: Fixed some database queries that return too much data.


  • Optimization: During loading home page, carousel image doesn't cause content to jump anymore (especially in mobile).
  • Optimization: Homepage should load faster now, as first image of carousel is loaded with rel=preload.


  • New feature: News article images are also .webp now, with all older posts included. Most of the site uses .webp images now, instead of jpg.
  • New feature: 404 and 500 error pages are now showing customized pages instead of generic IIS / ASP.NET error pages. Exception details won't be shown to public anymore.


  • Updates for news article pages: The article header wasn't in correct column, it was page-wide. Fixed. Right side now shows recommended articles. Mobile version shows comments counts like desktop page.
  • All icons used in site are moving to total of 2 sprites: One css sprite for colorful and custom-made icons (mouse icons), and one woff2 font icon for all other icons. This means less http requests and faster page load.
  • Site look in Internet Explorer was overlooked by me. I made a few corrections the font used (woff2 isn't supported by IE) and fixing wrong color in the Category navbar button.


  • New feature: On slow connections, in program pages and in mobile resoultion, big heading image will show a very low-res version of the image until it loads. This image is in webp format and about 300 bytes in size. It is embedded to every program page's html, so it doesn't cause any additional request to server. Lot of work for such a tiny feature :-)


  • Fix: Some small mobile resolutions weren't looking good. Site will now look better with iPhone 5 / SE. It'll even look fine with devices 250px width screen like Nokia 8110 4G.


  • New feature: "What means key" pages now calculate a rating for every shortcut, depending on how easy to press it. The score is affected by key count, modifier key count, distance of right-left side keys when used together, right-left modifier key specified (like Right Shift), etc. and also affected if it's a rarely used shortcut. The resulting rating may not be very accurate every time, for now.
  • Change: Furter optimizations of loading of resources like JavaScript and CSS. Data transferred in mobile devices is smaller. There are still render-blocking elements, but it shouldn't be a problem in a normal connection.
  • Change: You won't be able to click an hero image, if it's not going to be displayed distinctively larger. Means reduced an unnecessary distraction.
  • Change: Shortcut embed code is much smaller now with a total transfer of ~10KB gzipped, and it makes only about 2-3 requests to server when embedded in a webpage. Jquery isn't used anymore in it, and only necessary bootstrap classes are used. Lastly icon is used in webp format for supported browsers. Earlier it was downloading about 170KB of data and making about 10 requests.


  • Change: Some optimizations about when JS code loaded. They're mostly loaded after page loads, means faster performance.
  • Change: I've also tried to reduce number of requests to server. Mouse icons are now SVG sprite (one image file).


  • New feature: All program "hero" images are converted to .webp now. It's a newer image format by Google that can compress images much better than .jpg. Unsupported browsers will show .jpg version of the image instead.
  • New feature: Program images can be clicked and larger version of the image can be viewed (Fancybox is used). Larger version is supposed to show .jpg version (which is generally original one). I don't want to have too many distracting features on any page but I believe this won't hurt too much.


  • New feature: .webp images can now be used for programs' "hero" images.


  • New feature: Updated programs will now show what is updated in the information panel.


  • New feature: I've created a French version of site. There's no French homepage but shortcuts will be translated to French in time. For those shortuts, all site will appear in French. I'll add translation functionality for shortcuts for volunteers in future.


  • New feature: Embed fuction: Individual shortcuts can be embedded on web pages. The widget is responsive, supports English and Turkish languages.
  • New feature: Searching for shortcuts will now suggest variations of a shortcut (if they exist in database). E.g. if you start typing Alt + Ctrl + E, you'll see Ctrl + Alt + E as a suggestion.
  • Change: Speed optimizations in program and shortcut pages. Some SQL queries was too big and slow.
  • Change: Fixed some errors in "Similar programs" list. The list will now show more "similar" programs. Similarity is calculated by category and name similarity.


  • New feature: Pages for e.g Ctrl + Alt + E and Alt + Ctrl + E will list same results. This should be valid for all combinations of modifier keys like Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Windows, Super, Cmd, Fn, etc. An information will appear at the bottom of the page, if page concatenates such shortcuts.


  • New feature: Comments and comment like counts will be displayed latest, even if page is from older cache. The page will load with comments first, and if cache doesn't include some commments, it'll dynamically load them.


  • New feature: Shortcut lists: Mobile hero images now look like news articles'.
  • Change: Fixed some 404s in sitemap.xml. Sitemap won't show shortcuts used less than 3 times. Therefore, it's size is greatly reduced.
  • Change: Changed some CDNs to Google CDNs. I've tried to reduce number of different CDNs used, to eliminate unnecessary DNS lookups.


  • New feature: Program pages now have a small section on the right side called "Featured shortcut". It shows single keyboard shortcut based on that program's most shared shortcut.


  • New feature: We're trying Ezoic now as ad partner, so now the site is behind a CDN. We'd be glad to know if site is slow or fast for you, and how is your experience about ad placements in our site.
  • Change: Search now doesn't redirect to program directly, if any other matches found in shortcut descriptions. Prior to this change, it was impossible to search for a description, if a program with similar name existed.


  • New feature: Shortcut counts now shown in shortcut article pages.


  • New feature: Comment spammer IPs are blocked. They were generating lot of traffic.


  • Change: Changes on shortcut URL copy button. It now copies with some text.


  • New feature: Search function now searches for certain combinations like Alt + Ctrl, Ctrl + Alt...


  • New feature: Comments will now show url texts as proper links.


  • Fix: Thumbnails on main page would sometimes have blank spaces between them.


  • New feature: In "what means key" pages, we now list popular programs first. Then all programs are listed by category.


  • Change: New ads in "what means key" pages (random inline ads, a video ad).


  • New feature: "Follow us" buttons on right side of home page.


  • New feature: We have a new ad on shortcut pages, it's sticky on right when page is scrolled down.
  • Change: "Most popular and latest shortcuts" section has now 6 items instead of 5. I changed this to fill blank area on main page.


  • New feature: GPDR has come, and we now have a privacy policy. It can be reached from the very bottom of every page.


  • New feature: Amazon affilate ads added in English shortcut pages.


  • Change: Moment.js will be loaded from CDNs, when possible (so I will spend less data on my hosting and serve files faster).


  • New feature: Latest five articles will now be shown on right side of shortcut pages.


  • Fix: Some "internal" fixes on shortcut recognition (from now, page up/down can be used as a one key) and CMS pages.


  • Change: Share buttons on desktop are now bigger, and rounded square instead of circle.


  • Change: Sticky ads removed, I put inline ads instead in shortcut pages. Sticky ads aren't permitted by Google Adsense .


  • Change: On shortcut pages, right ad is now "sticky", meaning it always show even if you scroll. I'm really sorry if this affects your experience. As most websites we need to display advertisements, to meet hosting and development costs. Ads will not go out of control.


  • Change: Search tips in search results page (when nothing found) are localized now for Turkish and English.
  • Change: Some improvements in content management.


  • New feature: Shortcut pages will now show current program icon, on top-left "Program information" area.


  • Change: In shortcut pages, "table of contents" moved to left for desktop. It also has scrollbar for now.


  • New feature: New search landing page at defkey.com/search .


  • New feature: Search now suggests program names and shortcuts, after you type two or more characters.


  • Fix: Fixed a slow loading in main page. A query was lagging too much.


  • Fix: Fixed title problem in "What Means This Shortcut?" pages. Some keys like Shift were erroneously displayed with html tags in title.


  • Fix: Fixed date position on "Top programs" list on the right side.


  • New feature: Most popular page now shows weekly popular items.
  • Fix: Some characters in shortcuts were causing 404 errors in "what means" pages.