Airplane mode just got smarter in Android 14

Ze Zeynel -
9 mois

As its name suggests, "airplane mode", was developed for use on the plan. But for quite a long time, it has been used for different purposes, including those who want to feel calm for a little while. Seems like Google finally realized something like this and eliminated an annoying aspect of airplane mode in Android 14.

With the newly released version of Android 14, when you turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in airplane mode, your preference is remembered. So the next time you enable airplane mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remain turned on depending on your previous preference. On most current phones, when you switch to airplane mode, you need to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back on. An exception to this is a feature on Samsung's latest Galaxy S23 phones. The Galaxy S23 series keeps Bluetooth on if you're using headphones when you switch to airplane mode.

If you're fine with fiddling a bit with ADB, we have explained here how to add this kind of function to your phone (at least to an old phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8). If the Android 14 update reaches your phone, there will probably be no need to resort to the ADB solution anymore.

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