How to keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on in airplane mode?

3 years ago

Updated 5 months ago.

If you're a bluetooth headphone user, going into airplane mode on your Android phone will disconnect your headphone. Moreover, Wi-Fi will be also disconnected and you'll have to turn them on again, if you just want to turn cell radios off.

It may not seem like a big deal, but these extra steps may bother you after a few repeats. And a bluetooth headphone should bring convenince, not extra fiddling anyway.

Fortunately, with one last fiddling, you can keep your bluetooth and Wi-Fi on when switching to airplane mode. That means bluetooth and Wi-Fi won't turn off automatically if you go to airplane mode.

Note 1: This is tested working with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Steps in other brands may differ.

Note 2: These steps require to use a few adb commands (but do not require rooting surely), and I do not take responsibility if your device gets bricked when tweaking.

1. Download Windows version of adb (Android Debug Bridge) here. This will allow sending commands to phone from command line on Windows.

2. Extract to a folder. Open a command line or Windows Terminal in that folder.

3. Enable USB Debugging in your Android device and in command line or terminal, enter:

Note: You may need to give access to adb after first command (it asked to me two times on phone). Unlock phone and check the screen if adb returns an error.

.\adb shell settings get global airplane_mode_radios

.\adb shell content query --uri content://settings/global  --projection name:value --where "name=\'airplane_mode_toggleable_radios\'"

4. When you execute commands, you'll get results like:


Row: 0 name=airplane_mode_toggleable_radios, value=bluetooth,wifi,nfc

It's good idea to take note of these results, if you'll want to return to default settings.

5. You may remove bluetooth and wifi from the values to achieve our goal. Of course, you may only remove wifi or bluetooth, too.

Enter one of these commands (I had to use both to make bluetooth work. Wi-Fi was done just with first command):

.\adb shell settings put global airplane_mode_radios  "cell,nfc,wimax"

.\adb shell content update --uri content://settings/global --bind value:s:'cell,nfc,wimax' --where "name=\'airplane_mode_radios\'"

Now when you go to airplane mode, bluetooth and Wi-Fi won't turn off. If you want to return to default behavior, just add wifi and bluetooth to that key's vaule.

Via: Stackexchange

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Babbu OP says : 2 months ago 12/22/2023 6:26 AM
I found my iphone7 with airplane mode on, Wi-Fi on and Bluetooth on at the same time when I woke up this morning. Yes I am a Bluetooth headphone user but , I did not turn on Wi-Fi while went to sleep. Wondering if my phone is hacked?? I was able to surf internet with airplane mode on. Could you help pease??

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk Admin says in reply to Babbu : 2 months ago 12/22/2023 8:16 AM
Maybe you turned it on earlier, and didn't notice Wi-Fi is staying on since a few days in airplane mode?

The first post here says the iPhone remembers your Wi-Fi preference and stays on next time if you turn it on in airplane mode:

Guest #Fn + ; OP says : 4 months ago 11/1/2023 9:40 PM
On OnePlus devices, you may end up with android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS exception.
If that happens, then enable Settings / Developer Settings / "Disable permission monitoring", reboot the device and run the shell command again.

Gökhan Bilgin OP says : 15 months ago 11/26/2022 8:11 AM
It really worked for me, thank you very much.

(Çok teşekkür ederim. Gökte ararken sizi yerde buldum. Allah razı olsun.)

Guest OP says : 2 years ago 11/5/2021 11:21 AM
You poor special flower, getting on airplanes so much that this is worthwhile.

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk Admin says in reply to Guest : 5 months ago 9/27/2023 11:28 AM
A bit late reply but it's not about getting into airplanes; at least not me. In some cases (like you're not available to calls) you may want Airplane mode to just turn off cellular radio, not Wi-Fi.