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Clipboard Master

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Win + V

Show the Clipboard Master window

Ctrl +

Show the global context menu

AltGr + Espace

Complete word/sentence/abbreviation

Win + C

Paste marked text to Clipboard Master (the clipboard can be selected)

Win + X

Show fixed clipboard

Win + Alt + F1

Paste collection

Win + Alt + F2

Begin/end collection

Win + Alt + F3

Pause/resume all Clipboard Master functions

Win + Alt + F4

Open Clipboard Master settings

Alt Droite + 1

Paste the first element of the clipboard

Alt Droite + 2

Paste the second element of the clipboard

Alt Droite + 3

Paste the third element of the clipboard

Alt Droite + 4

Paste the fourth element of the clipboard

Alt Droite + 5

Paste the fifth element of the clipboard

Alt Droite + U

Paste the last URL as a shortened URL

  The following key combinations are defined but not activated. You can activate them in the "Keyboard" settings.
Win + Alt + U

The marked text will be converted to upper case letters

Win + Alt + L

The marked text will be converted to lower case letters

Win + Alt + P

Only the first letter of all words in the marked text will be upper case

Win + Alt + X

Convert marked or entered number from/to hexadecimal number

Win + Alt + T

Convert the marked text from/to hexadecimal series.


key combinations are taken from the English-language terms: upper case, lower case and proper case.

Win + Alt + F1

Paste all collect entries at once

Win + Alt + F2

Manually start collection


End ongoing collection

  To create a Screenshot:
Alt + Impr Ecran

Screenshot of the complete active window

Impr Ecran

Start screenshot tool

Impr Ecran puis Impr Ecran

Select area manually

When creating a screenshot:

Define area


Quick help

Ctrl + F1

Online help


Include/exclude scrollbars


Show context menu


Change display mode: red frames or darkened


Increase area on all sides by 1 pixel


Reduce area on all sides by 1 pixel

← ↑ → ↓

Move area by 1 pixel

Ctrl + ← ↑ → ↓

Move area by 10 pixels

↑   Maj + ← ↑ → ↓

Change width/height by 1 pixel

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