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Ace Editor (Mac)

Random Ace Editor (Mac) shortcut

Control + ⌥ Option +   Add previous occurrence to multi-selection

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TalkDesk Callbar

Random TalkDesk Callbar shortcut

Alt + B   Blind transfer

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Comodo IceDragon

Random Comodo IceDragon shortcut

Ctrl + K   Search bar - Easily choose your favorite search engine

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IPython Shell

Random IPython Shell shortcut

Ctrl + C   Interrupt current Python command

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Destiny 2

Random Destiny 2 shortcut

1   Kinetic Weapon

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NetSurf 3.9

Random NetSurf 3.9 shortcut

F8   View the page source code in a text editor

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Random Cuphead shortcut

↑   Left Shift   Dash

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Random NetSuite shortcut

Y   Insert yesterday's date

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WPS Office

Random WPS Office shortcut

Alt + ⤶ Enter   Starts a new line in the same cell

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Random Astroneer shortcut

Ctrl + A   Walk

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