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AI War Classic

Random AI War Classic shortcut

F7   (hold)  Show enemy ships only

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Kindle for PC

Random Kindle for PC shortcut

Page Down   Scroll the list of books down one page (but do not change the current focus)

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Random Feedreader shortcut

Space   Navigate to next unread headline in standard view or web view

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Rage (PC)

Random Rage (PC) shortcut

G   Use support item

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Chromebook and Chrome OS

Random Chromebook and Chrome OS shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + +   Change screen resolution

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Mouse without Borders

Random Mouse without Borders shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + F3   Switch between machines

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Alfred 4

Random Alfred 4 shortcut

⌥ Option + Space   Show Alfred

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Microsoft Excel 2019

Random Microsoft Excel 2019 shortcut

Ctrl + Z   Undo the last action

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Tracktion T7 DAW (Windows)

Random Tracktion T7 DAW (Windows) shortcut

↑  ↓   Zoom in / out

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Google Analytics

Random Google Analytics shortcut

D then 3 then 0   Set date range to last 30 days

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