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Windows PowerShell ISE

Random Windows PowerShell ISE shortcut

Ctrl + O   Open

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Android Studio

Random Android Studio shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + H   Open method hierarchy

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JS Bin

Random JS Bin shortcut

⭾ Tab   Code complete (using Tern or otherwise)

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Continuum for Phones

Random Continuum for Phones shortcut

Win + U   Open Ease of Access Center

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Random 9gag shortcut

G then H   Home

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Random LDCad shortcut

End   2: While the mouse is inside the animation panel it will seek the last frame instead

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Random Wikipedia shortcut

K   Related changes

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Ableton Live 10

Random Ableton Live 10 shortcut

Ctrl + 1   Narrow Grid

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Random Reddit shortcut

H   Hide

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Google Search

Random Google Search shortcut

  Previous result

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