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Random RimWorld shortcut

F7   Opens the History tab

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Random jEdit shortcut

Ctrl + M then Ctrl + R   Record macro.

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Twitterrific 6

Random Twitterrific 6 shortcut

⌘ Cmd + R   Reply to selected item

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Random Launchy shortcut

Alt + Space   Bring up Launchy

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This War of Mine

Random This War of Mine shortcut

U   Hide UI

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Random Celestia shortcut

Ctrl + C   Copy location URL to your clipboard

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Ableton Live 10 (Mac)

Random Ableton Live 10 (Mac) shortcut

⌘ Cmd   Drop Browser Clips as a Scene

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Open Rails 0.6.2

Random Open Rails 0.6.2 shortcut

D   Throttle increase

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LibreOffice Base

Random LibreOffice Base shortcut

↑   Shift + ⭾ Tab   Selection of the control fields in opposite direction

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Random Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 shortcut

⤶ Enter   Confirm

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