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QCad 3.22.0

Random QCad 3.22.0 shortcut

D then 3   Break out gap

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Grand Theft Auto V

Random Grand Theft Auto V shortcut

F1   Save action replay

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Random ClipMate shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + P   Scroll to previous item in collection

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Nimbus Note

Random Nimbus Note shortcut

Ctrl + T   Insert table

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Random Skype shortcut

Alt + 1   Navigate to recents

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Redragon K580 RGB mechanical keyboard

Random Redragon K580 RGB mechanical keyboard shortcut

Fn + ↑  ↓   Adjust key brightness

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Kahoot (add-on)

Random Kahoot (add-on) shortcut

P   Diamond / Blue

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Azur Lane: Crosswave

Random Azur Lane: Crosswave shortcut

K   Special action

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Random WinNc shortcut

⤶ Enter   Starts an application

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