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This War of Mine

Random This War of Mine shortcut

  Run to target, item or location (makes noise)

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Random RK61 shortcut

I   Pause

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Windows PowerShell ISE

Random Windows PowerShell ISE shortcut

F5   Run/Continue

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Gerrit Web UI

Random Gerrit Web UI shortcut

G then S   Go to starred changes

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The Long Dark

Random The Long Dark shortcut

F6   Quick load

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FTL: Faster Than Light

Random FTL: Faster Than Light shortcut

L   Power hacking

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Windows 10

Random Windows 10 shortcut

Win + L   Lock the computer

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Grand Chase

Random Grand Chase shortcut

F   Activate fourth skill

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Random Notezilla shortcut

Ctrl + I   Invert selection in tasks view

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IDA Pro 7.4

Random IDA Pro 7.4 shortcut

Alt + R   Offset by (any segment)…

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