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Sweet Home 3D

Random Sweet Home 3D shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + E   Modify walls

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Random TextRoom shortcut

F3   About

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Random PhraseExpress shortcut

Alt + P   In tree view, create a new phrase under the cursor

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Rocket League

Random Rocket League shortcut

S   Reverse

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Random ProtonMail shortcut

  Enter contact details

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Sublime Text

Random Sublime Text shortcut

Ctrl + F2   Toggle bookmark

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LibreOffice Impress

Random LibreOffice Impress shortcut

Alt + Page Up   Go to the previous slide without playing effects

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Asana (Mac)

Random Asana (Mac) shortcut

⤶ Enter   New Task

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Random Azendoo shortcut

↑   Shift + I   Open the window to add members to the workspace

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Random Wrike shortcut

Alt + ↑   Shift + S   places your cursor in the search box so that you can begin typing

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