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WordPerfect X8

Random WordPerfect X8 shortcut

Ctrl + F1   Speller

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GeForce Experience and GeForce Now

Random GeForce Experience and GeForce Now shortcut

Alt + F6   Toggle camera on/off while broadcasting

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Apple Messages

Random Apple Messages shortcut

⌘ Cmd + Q   Quit Messages

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Redox OS

Random Redox OS shortcut

;   Command line mode

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Random MyPaint shortcut

F3   Open last

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Control (PC)

Random Control (PC) shortcut

D   Move right

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Random E-Sword shortcut

Ctrl + J   Format Scripture ToolTip Editors only

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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PC)

Random Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PC) shortcut

Q   Yaw left

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KDE Plasma Desktop

Random KDE Plasma Desktop shortcut

↑   Shift + Del   Delete Permanently

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Toad For Oracle (Windows)

Random Toad For Oracle (Windows) shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + B   Un-comment block

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