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Linux MetaCity

Random Linux MetaCity shortcut

  (click title bar) Send to foreground

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Power Query (Windows)

Random Power Query (Windows) shortcut

Alt + F5   Refresh

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Random Icarus shortcut

Q   Drop item

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Garena Free Fire (PC)

Random Garena Free Fire (PC) shortcut

3   Select secondary weapon

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Yume Nikki

Random Yume Nikki shortcut

1   Use the ability of an effect

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Cult of the Lamb (PC)

Random Cult of the Lamb (PC) shortcut

Esc   Pause

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Random Blender shortcut

Ctrl + Q   Quit Blender

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Monster Hunter: World (PC)

Random Monster Hunter: World (PC) shortcut

  Display Weapon or Slinger Aim (Hold)

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WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition (PC, Xbox controller)

Random WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition (PC, Xbox controller) shortcut


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