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Latest shorcuts

  1. SketchUp   8463   
  2. Fortnite (PC)   7994    1
  3. Total Commander   5098   
  4. Notepad++   4584   
  5. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds   4197    2
  6. AMD Radeon ReLive   4076    2
  7. HeidiSQL   3915   
  8. Opera   3241   
  9. Windows 10   2987    4
  10. Eclipse   2781   


Random Brackets shortcut

↑   Shift + F4   Previous Bookmark

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Evernote for Windows

Random Evernote for Windows shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + T   Tag

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Random Paint.NET shortcut

O   Line / Curve

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Random Wordpad shortcut

Ctrl + F   Search for text in a document

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SnagIt 13

Random SnagIt 13 shortcut

↑   Shift   Hold to capture 1:1 aspect ratio (square)

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LibreOffice Basic IDE

Random LibreOffice Basic IDE shortcut

F5   Run code starting from the first line, or from the current breakpoint, if the program stopped there before

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Random Ditto shortcut

Esc   Close Window

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Text editing

Random Text editing shortcut

Shift + Page Up   Select a frame of text above the cursor

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Random Joomla shortcut

Ctrl + U   Toggles underlining of selected text

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LibreOffice Calc

Random LibreOffice Calc shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + 6   Standard format

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