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MSI Afterburner - Voltage Curve

Random MSI Afterburner - Voltage Curve shortcut

↑   Shift + Tab   Select previous dot

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AMD Radeon ReLive

Random AMD Radeon ReLive shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + L   Toggle performance logging

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Adobe XD (Windows)

Random Adobe XD (Windows) shortcut

↑   Shift + Ctrl + '   Show Layout Grid

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Desmos Four-Function Calculator (Windows)

Random Desmos Four-Function Calculator (Windows) shortcut

Ctrl + Z   Undo

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A Plague Tale: Requiem (PC)

Random A Plague Tale: Requiem (PC) shortcut

7   Odoris

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Random Tinkercad shortcut

R   Place ruler

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NewsBin Pro

Random NewsBin Pro shortcut

↑   Shift + Ctrl + Y   Add to top of download list, bypass filters

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Spartan Multi Clipboard

Random Spartan Multi Clipboard shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + V   Display Spartan window

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Settlers Online

Random Settlers Online shortcut

W   Move the map

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