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Final Draft 11 (Windows)

Random Final Draft 11 (Windows) shortcut

Ctrl +
  Open context menu

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Outer Wilds

Random Outer Wilds shortcut

Q   Exit pilot seat / Exit ship computer

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Adobe Lightroom Classic

Random Adobe Lightroom Classic shortcut

Ctrl + S   Save print settings

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Random TinyTask shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + Alt + R   Start / stop recording

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League of Legends

Random League of Legends shortcut

~   Hold down to select or target only champions when using champion abilities or summoner spells

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CCH Axcess Tax

Random CCH Axcess Tax shortcut

Space   Perform the action assigned to the selected button; select or clear the check box.

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Logitech G413, G512, G513

Random Logitech G413, G512, G513 shortcut

Fn + F11   Previous track

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Random PhpStorm shortcut

Alt + ⤶ Enter   Show intention actions

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Asus GPU Tweak II

Random Asus GPU Tweak II shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + C   Apply OC mode

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Random GeoGebra shortcut

Alt + ,   less-than-or-equal-to ≤

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