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FL Studio 20

Random FL Studio 20 shortcut

Right Alt +
  Quantize selected

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Excel for the web

Random Excel for the web shortcut

Alt then Q   Move to Tell me box

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Random Openbox shortcut

Win + F3   Go to the third desktop instantly

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Random xScope shortcut

⌘ Cmd + 7   Show crosshair

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Random TouchDesigner shortcut

Alt + 1   Network Editor

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Google Translator Toolkit

Random Google Translator Toolkit shortcut

Ctrl + F   Find and replace

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Random Tinkercad shortcut

↑   Shift +
  Select multiple objects

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Random Launchy shortcut

Alt + Space   Bring up Launchy

There are 0 more Launchy shortcuts...


Random Epic shortcut

Win + D   Minimize all windows

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Enpass 6.3.2 (Desktop)

Random Enpass 6.3.2 (Desktop) shortcut

Ctrl +   Previous group

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