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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

Random The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth shortcut

D   Walk right

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Walking Simulator 2020

Random Walking Simulator 2020 shortcut

  Move left

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OpenToonz 1.4

Random OpenToonz 1.4 shortcut

U   Brush size - Decrease max

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Random (v1.32) shortcut

← ↑ → ↓   Navigate in dropdown menus (Blizzard icon, Status dropdown, etc.)

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Adobe Acrobat 2017 (Windows and Unix)

Random Adobe Acrobat 2017 (Windows and Unix) shortcut

Alt +   Move back to previously opened topic

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Random Lucidchart shortcut

F3   Navigate to next search result

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Mode SQL Editor (Mac)

Random Mode SQL Editor (Mac) shortcut

A   Insert cell above

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Random DOSBox shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + F2   Switch between foreign layout and US layout

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Hotline Miami

Random Hotline Miami shortcut

Space   Human shield

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