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SmartGit 19

Random SmartGit 19 shortcut

Ctrl + F4   Close

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Chromium issue tracker

Random Chromium issue tracker shortcut

J   Previous / Next issue in list

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Cisco Webex

Random Cisco Webex shortcut

↑   Shift + F10   Use right click menus in the following panels and elements: Participant panel, Chat panel, Notes panel, Closed Captions panel, File Transfer window, Shared whiteboard and file tabs, Work with the participant list, Copy text from the Chat panel

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FL Studio 20

Random FL Studio 20 shortcut

Ctrl + G   Glue selected and touching notes

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Random WhereIsIt? shortcut

Ctrl + U   View user list

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Random Tidal shortcut

⬅ Backspace   Back

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Random Xactimate shortcut

D   Doorway

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Random PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds shortcut

W   Forward

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Kali Linux

Random Kali Linux shortcut

Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Page Down   Move window one workspace down

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Random Portuguese shortcut

Alt + 0244   ô

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