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Twitterrific 6

Random Twitterrific 6 shortcut

⌘ Cmd + T   New timeline (macOS) / Accounts (iOS)

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ZX Spectrum

Random ZX Spectrum shortcut

K   (K edit mode) LIST

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Random PhpStorm shortcut

Ctrl + /   Add / remove line or block comment

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Company of Heroes

Random Company of Heroes shortcut

Ctrl + C   Activate mini-map capture point ping

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Random Winamp shortcut

Ctrl + O   Open (load) playlist

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Random OneDrive shortcut

Space   Select or clear the selection of a file or folder

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Multi Commander

Random Multi Commander shortcut

Ctrl + F11   View - Full width

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Edraw Max 9.4

Random Edraw Max 9.4 shortcut

Alt +   Bring the selected shape or shapes backward in the position stack

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Amazon Lumberyard

Random Amazon Lumberyard shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + F   Restore the saved state

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Random 7-Zip shortcut

Alt + F12   Open folder history

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