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  1. Fortnite (PC)   16562    2
  2. SketchUp   12124   
  3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds   10090    2
  4. Keyboard symbols   7837   
  5. AMD Radeon ReLive   7080    2
  6. Total Commander   6910   
  7. Notepad++   6656   
  8. WhatsApp Web and Desktop   5880    1
  9. Opera   5716   
  10. HeidiSQL   5165   


Random Ditto shortcut

⤶ Enter   Paste Selected Items in the Target Window, or Enter Group (if the item is a Group)

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Random ArsClip shortcut

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + Z   Popup

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Adobe Animate CC (Mac)

Random Adobe Animate CC (Mac) shortcut

L   Lasso

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AWS Cloud9 IDE (Mac)

Random AWS Cloud9 IDE (Mac) shortcut

Control + ↑   Shift + Q   Revert to Saved

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League of Legends

Random League of Legends shortcut

E + F1   Cast champion's 3rd ability on self (must be a support spell)

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Random Asana shortcut

U   Move to Inbox

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Pocket for Mac

Random Pocket for Mac shortcut

⌘ Cmd + /   Switch to Web View/Article View

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Microsoft Movies and TV

Random Microsoft Movies and TV shortcut

Win + ⬅ Backspace   Backspace

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PaintShop Pro 2018

Random PaintShop Pro 2018 shortcut

↑   Shift + Alt + ⬅ Backspace   Redo

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Random Mozilla Thunderbird shortcut

Ctrl + <   Smaller font size

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