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Latest shorcuts

  1. SketchUp   4645   
  2. Total Commander   2569   
  3. Fortnite (PC)   2487   
  4. HeidiSQL   2337   
  5. AMD Radeon ReLive   2249   
  6. Notepad++   1678   
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  8. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds   1133    1
  9. Android Studio   1074   
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Random TinyMCE shortcut

Alt + F11   Focus to element path

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File Explorer

Random File Explorer shortcut

-   Collapse the selected folder

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NVDA Screen Reader

Random NVDA Screen Reader shortcut

3   (numpad) Say next character

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Microsoft Excel 2016

Random Microsoft Excel 2016 shortcut

Alt + F11   Open the Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications Editor

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Random Lingoes shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + F12   Stop reading text aloud

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Random MusicBee shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + 0   Rating Now Playing: 0 stars

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Apple Calendar

Random Apple Calendar shortcut

⌘ Cmd + E   Edit the selected event

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Random KeePass shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + K   Show KeePass window

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Random Tinkercad shortcut

↑   Shift + Mouse left click   Select multiple objects

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Random Mozilla Thunderbird shortcut

Alt + 4   Month view

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