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Random Origin shortcut

↑   Shift + F1   Origin In-Game keyboard shortcut

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Mr. Prepper

Random Mr. Prepper shortcut

Ctrl   Fast forward

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FastStone Image Viewer

Random FastStone Image Viewer shortcut

  Pan / scroll the image

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Rocket League

Random Rocket League shortcut

2   Quick chat - compliments

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Apple Pages

Random Apple Pages shortcut

←  →   Move one character to the left or right

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Random Petrel shortcut

P   Activates the Select/Pick Mode

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Temtem (PC)

Random Temtem (PC) shortcut

Esc   Toggle menu

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Untitled Goose Game

Random Untitled Goose Game shortcut

⤶ Enter   Select

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Random Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice shortcut

V   Eavesdrop

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