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Most popular shortcuts

  1. Grand Theft Auto V   43216   
  2. Keyboard symbols   42143    1
  3. Apex Legends (PC)   34046   
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  5. Fortnite (PC)   30649    2
  6. The Sims 4   30592    3
  7. Discord   26928   
  8. Euro Truck Simulator 2   25749   
  9. SketchUp   25374   
  10. Counter Strike: Global Offensive   20085   

The Curse of Monkey Island

Random The Curse of Monkey Island shortcut

↑   Shift + J   Use this during ship-to-ship combat, and in the following insult sword fights, the swords will sound like sounds from Star Wars

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Accounting CS

Random Accounting CS shortcut

Ctrl + V   Paste

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Continuum for Phones

Random Continuum for Phones shortcut

Win + U   Open Ease of Access Center

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Foxit PDF Reader 2.0

Random Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 shortcut

Alt + 4   Zoom Out Tool

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Zoho Mail

Random Zoho Mail shortcut

  Expand mail

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Random Warframe shortcut

F6   Take Screenshot

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Zimbra Web Client

Random Zimbra Web Client shortcut

. + T   Move to trash can

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Minecraft Java Edition

Random Minecraft Java Edition shortcut

C + 1 - 9   Save toolbar activator

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Path of Exile

Random Path of Exile shortcut

4   Using item from the fourth slot

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Fallout 76

Random Fallout 76 shortcut

Alt   (hold) Melee/Power Attack/Grenade

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