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Note: Windows key is called "Super" in Ubuntu world.
Super + A

Display recently used and installed applications

Super + F

Display files and folders

Super + V

Display media files

Super + M

Display music files

Super + T

Open Trash can

Ctrl + H

Display hidden files in file manager

Super + L

Lock the PC

Ctrl + Super + D

Minimize everything to show desktop

Ctrl + Alt + T

Open terminal

You can configure your own keyboard shortcuts by pressing Super and writing keyboard. Select Shortcuts tab and find the command you want to edit.
Alt + F1

Open Applications menu

Alt + F2

Run an application by typing its name

Impr Ecran

Take a screenshot of whole screen

Alt + Impr Ecran

Take a screenshot of the current windows

↑   Maj + Impr Ecran

Take a screenshot of a selected rectangle on the screen

Alt + ⭾ Tab

Switch between open windows

Ctrl + Alt + ⭾ Tab

Switch between currently-open windows in all Workspaces

Ctrl + Alt + ←  →

Quickly switch between Workspaces

Shortcuts below may not work on every machine but they're quite common.
Alt + F7

Move current window

Alt + F8

Resize current window

Alt + F9

Minimize current window

Alt + F10

Maximize current window

Alt + Espace

Bring up window menu with with ‘Always on Top’ and ‘Minimize’ and ‘Maximize’ and above commands

Shortcuts below may behave different depending on the application, but works on most applications.
Alt + F5

Return window to "normal" or previous size

Alt + F4

Close the window

Ctrl + Alt + ←  →

Spins the ‘cube’ that your workspaces reside on, allowing you to select the workspace you wish to use

Ctrl + Alt +

Enables an ‘expose’ like feature that presents you with all the windows you currently have open, allowing you to select the one you wish to give focus to

Ctrl + Alt +

Unfolds your workspace cube allowing you to see more than one of your workspaces at once, using the left and right cursor keys with this active will allow you to select the workspace you wish to use

Ctrl + Alt + ⭾ Tab

Switch between currently-open windows across all workspaces.

Super + W

Enables the ‘scale’ effect, it shows all windows from the current workspace

Super + A

Enables the ‘scale’ effect, it shows all windows from all workspaces

Super + N

Invert colours of the focused window

Super + M

Invert colours for the whole screen

Super +

Zooms in on the screen

Super +

Select a region to zoom into, using a rectangle.

Ctrl + Super + D

Toggles ‘Show Desktop’

Alt +

Resize focused window

Alt +

Move focused window

Alt +

Show window menu

Super + S

Zoom out, show workspace switcher

Ctrl + C

Copy the selected text/object

Ctrl + X

Cut the selected text/object

Ctrl + V

Paste/insert the selected text/object

Ctrl + A

Select all text

Ctrl + B

Make the selected text bold

Ctrl + I

Make the selected text italic

Ctrl + U

Underline the selected text

Ctrl + N

Open a new document or window

Ctrl + S

Save the current document

Ctrl + O

Open another document

Ctrl + P

Print the current document

Ctrl + Z

Undo the last change you made

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + Z

Redo a change that you just undid

Ctrl + Alt + Suppr

Restart the computer immediately, without saving open files

Ctrl + Alt + +

(numeric keypad) Rotate through supported screen resolutions

Ctrl + Alt + -

(numeric keypad)  Rotate backwards through supported screen resolutions

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