Firefox is also abandoning Backspace shortcut

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
19 mois

Firefox has decided to remove the Backspace keyboard shortcut. That shortcut was abandoned by  Chrome years ago. The reason is that accidentally pressing Backspace may cause all text written in web forms to be lost.

Backspace, when pressed outside of forms, allows you to go back one page. So if you press Backspace without checking that the cursor is in the form, everything you have written in forms is wasted.

Firefox was aware of the problem even seven years ago, but thought changing the shortcut wouldn't be good for our "muscle memory". About 40 million users each month still use Backspace to go back one page, according to the latest telemetry data from users. However, based on some data, developers believe that this key was mainly used by mistake.

The Linux version of the browser had deprecated this shortcut long before. Backspace will not be used for browsing as of Firefox 86. You will be able to achieve the same function with the Alt + Left arrow key combination.

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