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Equivalent to "Enter" key

Go to previous screen


Scroll back in screens with multiple pages


Scroll forward in screens with multiple pages

⌘ Cmd

A Re-cap of the previously used function appears in the top left of the screen each time you press "Command"

Alt + K

Display a graphic of the Bloomberg keyboard

Access various customization and ease of use settings

Manually type LAST to review last 8 functions used.

Press once to print current page

1 - 9 puis Print

Type no. of pages you wish to print. E.g. if this is a 4 page function or news story, press 4 & Print


Press once to display the online help and description for the current function usage

Help puis Help

Make e-mail contact with the 24 hour Help desk

Manually type EASY and press GO to see a list of all Bloomberg tips and shortcuts.
Manually thpe HDSK and press GO to list all your historical questions and answers sent / received from the Bloomberg Help Desk.
Red keys are STOP keys.
Green keys are ACTION keys.
Yellow keys are MARKET SECTOR keys.
These are not key combinations; you need to manually type these "shortcuts" and press GO.
Type LAST GO to display a list of the last 8 functions accessed.
Type STO GO to save the last security for pasting to another screen
Type RCL GO to paste the last security to another screen.
Type GRAB GO to save a screen to be sent via the message system.
Type RMTC GO to allow a user to remotely run functions on another user's screen.
Typing PSET GO will allow you to set up multiple page printing.
⌘ Cmd

A Re-cap of the previously used function appears in the top left of the screen each time you press "Command"

Type LAW and press GO to display the Bloomberg Law menu.
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