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ChessBase 13 contrôles

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Ctrl + K

¢ King

Ctrl + Q

£ Queen

Ctrl + N

¤ Knight

Ctrl + B

¥ Bishop

Ctrl + R

¦ Rook

Ctrl + P

§ Pawn

Ctrl + A


Ctrl + I


Ctrl + ↑   Maj + C


Ctrl + Alt + I

With the idea

Ctrl + S


Ctrl + ↑   Maj + Z

Zeitnot (time trouble)

Ctrl + Alt + D


Ctrl + L

File (line)

↑   Maj + Ctrl + D


Ctrl + Alt + Z


Ctrl + Alt + C


Ctrl + ↑   Maj + W

× Weak point

Ctrl + O

Only move

Ctrl + W

ª with

Ctrl + Alt + W

º without

Ctrl + Alt + Q

« Queenside

Ctrl + Alt + K

» Kingside

Ctrl + E

v Endgame

Ctrl + Alt + P

Pair of bishops

Ctrl + Alt + O

® Bishops of opposite colour

Ctrl + Alt + E

¯ Bishops of same colour

Ctrl + M

° With compensation for material

Ctrl + 1

± White has the upper hand

Ctrl + 2

² White stands somewhat better

Ctrl + 3

÷ Unclear

Ctrl + 4

³ Black stands somewhat better

Ctrl + 5

µ Black has the upper hand

Ctrl + Alt + B

¹ Better is

Ctrl + Alt + R

½ Draw

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + P

þ Passed pawn


Jump to beginning of list


Jump to end of list

↑   Maj +

Mark games

ou Ctrl +
Maj + Pg Suiv

Mark page - full of games

↑   Maj + End

Mark all games to end of list

Ctrl + A

Mark all games

⤶ Entrée

Load/merge marked game(s)


Load next game in list

Ctrl + F10

Load previous game in list

Ctrl + ←  →

Automatic scrolling

Pg Préc / Suiv

Scroll page up/down

↑  ↓

Move highlight bar and scroll

Ctrl + G

Go to game number

Alt + Q

Toggle list format, e.g. show notation / game data

Ctrl + J

Set start move


Show statistics for marked/all games

↑   Maj + S

Show piece probability for marked/all games


Copy marked games into clip database


Game overview in many diagrams


Generate tournament table

Ctrl + F

Call up search mask to define search

⭾ Tab

Switch search mask on/off. If no search mask is defined, next game index


Set user medal for game


Mark selected games as deleted

Ctrl + C

Mark selected games for copying

Ctrl + V

Paste games marked for copying

Ctrl + F

Flip board

← ↑ → ↓

Play moves forwards and backwards


Replay games automatically

Ctrl + G

Go to move number x

Ctrl +

Make the move a variation without query

↑   Maj +

Overwrite next move without query


Takeback move, make next move a variation ("TNote")

Ctrl + Alt + 0

Enter null move

Ctrl + Y

Delete variation

Ctrl + Alt + C

Classify game according to opening in reference database

Ctrl + Alt + ↑   Maj + C

Classify game according to themes

↑   Maj + F6

Find novelty/compare in reference database

↑   Maj + F7

Show Opening Reference for board position

⭾ Tab

Switch notation


Close variation


With the analysis engine on: Increase/decrease the number of lines calculated.

ou -
Pg Préc / Suiv

Scroll one page up/down in the notation


Go to beginning of notation


Go to end of notation


Cut remaining moves


Cut previous moves

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + Y

Remove all variations and commentary

Ctrl + A

Enter text commentary after move

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + A

Enter text commentary before move

↑   Maj + 1

(or "!") Annotate with !, ? etc.

Ctrl + Alt + Y

Delete all graphic commentary

Ctrl + Alt + M

Enter training commentary

Ctrl + Alt + W

Enter correspondence chess header

Ctrl + W

Annotate correspondence chess move %%

Ctrl + S

Save game

Ctrl + R

Replace game


Load next game in list

Ctrl + F10

Load previous game in list

Alt + F2

Start/stop the default analysis engine


Insert best engine move into notation

Ctrl + Espace

Insert best variation of all engines into notation


Show threat


Calculate next best move (only Fritz engine)

Ctrl + Alt + B

Open/close photos window

Ctrl + Alt + N

Open/close notation window


Close window

Ctrl + Z

After deleting or reordering variations: Undo

⭾ Tab

Switch between window "panes"


Next higher directory level

Ctrl + F12

Go to My databases

⤶ Entrée

Open selected database/start training

Ctrl + F

Search for games in selected database

Ctrl + Alt + L

Switch database preview pane on/off

Ctrl + O

Open database and add it to My databases

Ctrl + X

Create a new database in the current directory

Ctrl + Z

Archive current database

Ctrl + L

Show games list of the selected database

Ctrl + P

Show players index of the selected database

Ctrl + T

Show tournament index of the selected database

Ctrl + A

Show annotator index of the selected database

Ctrl + S

Show source index of the selected database

Ctrl + K

Show openings key of the selected database

Ctrl + C

Mark all games for copying

Ctrl + V

Paste all games marked for copying in the selected database

Ctrl + D

Display databases as detailed list

Ctrl + I

Display databases as large icons

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