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Ctrl + Alt + ⬅ Retour Arrière

Kill current X session. Use if normal exit procedure doesn't work

Ctrl + Alt + Suppr

Shut down Red Hat Enterprise Linux system

Ctrl + Alt + Fn

Switch screens

Ctrl + Alt + F1

Display an available screen (text-mode shell prompt screens)

ou Ctrl + Alt + F2
ou Ctrl + Alt + F3
ou Ctrl + Alt + F4
ou Ctrl + Alt + F5
ou Ctrl + Alt + F6
Ctrl + Alt + F7

Display an available screen (graphical desktop screen)

Alt + ⭾ Tab

Switch tasks in a graphical desktop environment

Ctrl + A

Move cursor to the beginning of a line. This works in most editors and URL field of Mozilla

Ctrl + E

Move cursor to the end of a line. This works in most editors and URL field of Mozilla

Ctrl + D

Log out and close shell prompt

Ctrl + L

Clear the terminal. It does the same thing as typing clear in the command line

Ctrl + U

Clear the current line in terminal

Highlight the text

Paste highlighted text


In a system with a two-button mouse, if you configured your mouse to emulate a third mouse button, you can click both the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously to perform a paste

⭾ Tab

Auto complete the command. Use this while using shell prompt, after typing first a few characters of a command or a file name

↑  ↓

Scroll through command history

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