Red Hat Enterprise Linux keyboard shortcuts

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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- Shortcuts
Ctrl + Alt + ⬅ Backspace

Kill current X session. Use if normal exit procedure doesn't work

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Shut down Red Hat Enterprise Linux system

Ctrl + Alt + Fn

Switch screens

Ctrl + Alt + F1

Display an available screen (text-mode shell prompt screens)

or Ctrl + Alt + F2
or Ctrl + Alt + F3
or Ctrl + Alt + F4
or Ctrl + Alt + F5
or Ctrl + Alt + F6
Ctrl + Alt + F7

Display an available screen (graphical desktop screen)

Alt + ⭾ Tab

Switch tasks in a graphical desktop environment

Ctrl + A

Move cursor to the beginning of a line. This works in most editors and URL field of Mozilla

Ctrl + E

Move cursor to the end of a line. This works in most editors and URL field of Mozilla

Ctrl + D

Log out and close shell prompt

Ctrl + L

Clear the terminal. It does the same thing as typing clear in the command line

Ctrl + U

Clear the current line in terminal

Highlight the text

Paste highlighted text


In a system with a two-button mouse, if you configured your mouse to emulate a third mouse button, you can click both the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously to perform a paste

⭾ Tab

Auto complete the command. Use this while using shell prompt, after typing first a few characters of a command or a file name

↑  ↓

Scroll through command history

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Program information

Program name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux (General)

Developed by Red Hat, this Linux distribution focuses on the commercial market. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has server and desktop versions for various processor architectures.

Web page:

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 21

How easy to press shortcuts: 67%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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