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Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
3 ans
- Raccourcis
Ctrl + O

Open File

Ctrl + N

Open New Page/Template

Ctrl + T

Open New Tab

Ctrl + S

Save File

Ctrl + C


Ctrl + V


Ctrl + X


Ctrl + A

Select All

Ctrl + W

Close Window

Ctrl + Suppr

Delete Next Word

Pg Préc

Go Up One Page

Pg Suiv

Go Down One Page

Go Up One Line

Go Down One Line

Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + ↑   Maj + Z


Ctrl + F


Ctrl + G

Find Again

ou F3
Ctrl + ↑   Maj + F

Find Previous

↑   Maj + F10

Open Context Menu

ou Ctrl + Espace

(Controlled through keyboard preference in Control Panel) Open Main Menu (switches to the first drop-down menu at the top of the window)

Debut +

Move to beginning of line (in a text editing field)

ou Ctrl + A
End +

Move to end of line (in a text editing field)

ou Ctrl + E
Ctrl + Pg Suiv

Switch to Next Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab)

Ctrl + Pg Préc

Switch to Previous Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab)

Ctrl + W

Close Tab

Ctrl + Q

Exit KompoZer

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + L

Open Web Location

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + S


Ctrl + -

Text Zoom - Smaller

Ctrl + +

Text Zoom - Larger

Ctrl + O

Text Zoom - 100%

Ctrl + L

Insert/Edit Link

Ctrl + B

Text style Bold

Ctrl + I

Text style Italic

Ctrl + U

Text style Underline

Ctrl + [

Increase Indent

Ctrl + ]

Decrease Indent

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + Y

Discontinue Text Styles

Ctrl + ↑   Maj + K

Discontinue Link

Ctrl +

Select Row/Column

Ctrl +

(drag to select block of cells, or continue clicking to select individual cells) Select Cells(s)


Site Manager

Ctrl + K

Start Spell Check

⭾ Tab

Navigate Links within Content Pane (right pane)


Toggle the visibility of Sidebar

Ctrl + =

Increase Text Size

ou Ctrl + ↑   Maj + +
Ctrl + -

Decrease Text Size


Switch between Content Pane and Search/Contents/Index/Glossary (toggle)

↑  ↓

Navigate Index Terms (while Index Pane is selected)

↑  ↓

Scroll Pane (Content, Table of Contents, or Index)

←  →

Expand/Collapse Table of Contents Tree Structure

Ctrl + P

Print Page

Alt +

Go Back to Previous Page

Alt +

Go Forward One Page

Ctrl + W

Close KompoZer Help Window

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Informations sur le programme

Nom du programme: KompoZer KompoZer (Édition de texte)

Page Web: http://www.kompozer.net

Dernière mise à jour: 11 nov. 2019

Nombre de raccourcis: 63

Comment facile d'appuyer sur les raccourcis: 84%

Plateforme détectée: Windows ou Linux (Pas macOS)

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