WhatsApp messages loses all encryption on Google Drive

6 years ago

We clearly learned about Facebook's unacceptable behavior against their users after the Cambridge Analytics fiasco. It was advised to leave Facebook and other services that are controlled by Facebook, like WhatsApp and Instagram. It now seems like Facebook fixed everything (though in fact, most probably not), so people are back to using these services as ever. Interestingly, the media also seems to forgot what they said about these issues.

I'm not using any of those services personally, not only because they destroy privacy, also because they can steal a lot of time from your day and I don't want to be so accessible at all times. Anyway, if you still trust and use WhatsApp, here is something you shouldn't ignore.

WhatsApp backups are unencrypted

WhatsApp users on Android will be able to backup their chats to Google Drive without counting against the drive quota, starting November 12th. However there is a big catch: WhatsApp warns that when you backup your chats, media and messages, those aren't protected by WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption. If you already used Google Drive to backup your chats, this is also valid for those backups.

Of course, you can get on with local backups, without using Google Drive.

So you have to think twice before backing up your WhatsApp data to Google Drive. All your chats will be visible to Google and in the event of any hack, your chats (we aren't talking about des chats here) will be exposed, with all private information attached. 

I don't know why WhatsApp didn't take any measures for this issue, and it may be already late to take a measure, but for now, you only have to wish they will fix the problem in future. 

WhatsApp encrypts backups on iOS

On iOS, the issue was solved last year, in May. According to TechCrunch, WhatsApp quietly added encryption to iCloud backups. Therefore you don't have to worry about your WhatsApp messages on iPhone. Probably.

Do you trust WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption? Will you backup your data to the cloud? Leave your thoughts on the comment box below!

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