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- Shortcuts
Fn + Alt + T

Cycle between backlight modes:

First mode: Wave mode (default)
Second mode: Color Cycle mode
Third mode: Rain drop mode
Fourth mode: Ripple mode
Fifth mode: Random Reactive mode
*Sixth mode: Reactive mode
*Seventh mode: Breathe mode
*Eighth mode: 100% Full Backlit mode
*Ninth mode: Radar mode
Tenth mode: Backlit OFF
*Only the backlit modes marked with * can be adjusted using following shortcuts:
Fn + Alt + Z

Adjust color red (R) brightness. 10 levels

Fn + Alt + X

Adjust color green (G) brightness. 10 levels

Fn + Alt + C

Adjust color blue (B) brightness. 10 levels

Fn + Alt + V

Erase red, green and blue color setting

Fn + Alt + Space

(Color palette) Activate color palette to display various colors on each key. Press on the desired color, all the keys will change to match that color.

Fn + Alt + G

CM1 cycle: First step turns on user's customized zone and color. Second step turns on user's customized zone and color in breathe mode. Third step turns off CM1

Fn + Alt + B

CM2 cycle: First step turns on user's customized zone and color. Second step turns on user's customized zone and color in breathe mode. Third step turns off CM2

Fn + Alt + ⇪ Caps Lock

Recording: Press 3 seconds until the G (CM1) and B (CM2) keys light up, then choose layer for setting, press it again to start recording

⇪ Caps Lock + Z

Adjust color red (R), 10 levels

⇪ Caps Lock + X

Adjust color green (G), 10 levels

⇪ Caps Lock + C

Adjust color blue (B), 10 levels

⇪ Caps Lock + V

Erase all LED light

⇪ Caps Lock + Space

Color palette

⇪ Caps Lock + ↑   Left Shift

REC over, finish recording

When starting recording mode, Caps Lock will display the current LED Color.

and CM2 can work with other LED light modes at the same time. CM1 and CM2 can be turned on along with other lighting modes. In addition, CM1 has the priority over CM2 when the zone overlaps.

Fn + Alt + T

(for 3 seconds) Turn off ALL backlit modes

Ducky Gamble mode:
Fn + Alt + N

2 blocks flashing

Fn + Alt + M

4 blocks flashing

Usage: Hold the keyboard shorcuts for 3 seconds to perform multi-block flashing. Press space to randomly stay on one block. Press space again to start the next round
Fn + Alt + J

Decrease speed

Fn + Alt + L

Increse speed

Fn + Alt + ,

(hold 3 seconds) Minesweeper game

Usage: Press for 3 seconds to start a minesweeper game. The keyboard will randomly select 1 or several buttons as mines. When the user turns the button in turn, the color will be displayed. The green color will continue to play the game safely. The red button is used as the mine, the game will end. At the end of the game, it will stay in the original display light color; press the blank button to enter the next round.
Fn + W

Move cursor up

Fn + A

Move cursor left

Fn + S

Move cursor down

Fn + D

Move cursor right

Fn + Q

Left mouse button

Fn + E

Right mouse button

Fn + R

Roller up

Fn + F

Roller down

Debounce time adjusts the debounce time of the metal shrapnel in the mecanical shaft during the pressing process. The shorter time, the sooner it can be triggered. However if the time is too short, misjudgements may occur. It is not necessary to change the time setting.
Hold the following shortcut keys for 3 seconds. The keyboard will flash 3 times to indicate debounce time has been switched successfully.
Fn + Alt + Y

Set debounce time to 5ms

Fn + Alt + U

Set debounce time to 10ms (default)

Fn + Alt + I

Set debounce time to 15ms

Fn + Alt + O

Set debounce time to 25ms

Ctrl + ↑   Left Shift + ⇪ Caps Lock

(hold, then plug the keyboard into power source) Start demo mode

Fn + Alt + Ctrl

(hold for 3 seconds) Start Display mode to display various LED backlit modes

Hold Left Windows Key + Right Windows Key for 3 seconds to reset to US ANSI and EU ISO layout.
Hold Fn + Left Windows Key to reset to JP JIS layout.
We have covered most of the macro shortcuts here but if you need detailed information about macros, please refer to One 2 manual.
Fn + Alt + 1

Switch to profile 1

or Fn + Alt + 2
or Fn + Alt + 3
or Fn + Alt + 4
or Fn + Alt + 5
or Fn + Alt + 6
Fn + Alt + ⭾ Tab

(hold 3 seconds) Start recording macro

Fn + Alt

(press for 1 second) Choose another key to continue recording

Fn + Alt + ⭾ Tab

(hold 1 second) Finish recording and return to the profile


Caps Lock will blink in the amount of selected profile number

⬅ Backspace

Delete current profile value

Fn + Win + A


Fn + Win + B

Volume up

Fn + Win + C

Volume down

Fn + Win + D

Play / Pause

Fn + Win + E


Fn + Win + F

Next playlist

Fn + Win + G

Previous playlist

Fn + Win + H


Fn + Win + I

My computer

Fn + Win + J

Web browser

Fn + Win + K


Fn + Win + L


Fn + Win + M


Fn + WinN

Previous page

Fn + Win + O

Next page

Fn + Win + P

Mouse left click

Fn + Win + Q

Mouse right click

Fn + Win + R

Mouse middle click

Fn + Win + S

Mouse cursor up

Fn + Win + T

Mouse cursor down

Fn + Win + U

Mouse cursor left

Fn + Win + V

Mouse cursor right

Fn + Win + W

Mouse scroll up

Fn + Win + X

Mouse scroll down

Note: Needs to be recorded first before use.
Fn + ↑   Shift + A

Prompt profile value

Fn + ↑   Shift + B

Profile 1

Fn + ↑   Shift + C

Profile 2

Fn + ↑   Shift + D

Profile 3

Fn + ↑   Shift + E

Profile 4

Fn + ↑   Shift + F

Profile 5

Fn + ↑   Shift + G

Profile 6

Fn + ↑   Shift + H

Backlit modes switching

Fn + ↑   Shift + I

Adjust color red

Fn + ↑   Shift + J

Adjust color green

Fn + ↑   Shift + K

Adjust color blue

Fn + ↑   Shift + L

Erase all value

Fn + ↑   Shift + M

Color palette

Fn + ↑   Shift + N

Backlit mode: Wave mode (default)

Fn + ↑   Shift + O

Backlit mode: Color Cycle mode

Fn + ↑   Shift + P

Backlit mode: Rain drop mode

Fn + ↑   Shift + Q

Backlit mode: Ripple mode

Fn + ↑   Shift + R

Backlit mode: Random Reactive mode

Fn + ↑   Shift + S

Backlit mode: Reactive mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑   Shift + T

Backlit mode: 100% Full backlit mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑   Shift + U

Backlit mode: Breathe mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑   Shift + V

Backlit mode: Radar mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑   Shift + W

Backlit mode: Backlit OFF

Fn + ↑   Shift + X

"." key on the numpad

Fn + ↑   Shift + Y

Number lock

Note: Needs to be recorded first before use.

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Program information

Program name: Ducky One 2 Mini Ducky One 2 Mini (Hardware)

Ducky One 2 Mini is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX RGB Switches and macro support. It is a "60% keyboard" which means without numeric keypad.

Web page:

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 96

How easy to press shortcuts: 51%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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