Opinion: Facebook hack is result of being Facebook

5 years ago

Facebook hack that happened a few days ago gave 50 million user accounts' control to the hackers. According to the social giant, the vulnerability was found in Facebook's "see through someone else's eyes" feature which allows you to see your own profile like others. Thanks to the flaw, the attacker could act as the owner of the victim's account.

After the attack, some major media outlets said that Facebook is unable to control its growing code base. According to one article, Facebook had too many moving parts and such hack was obvious, expected one for such a big platform. But I think it is only a part of the truth. I'll explain why.

Are you as important as you think for the Facebook?

It is probably true that Facebook's code management is growing difficult (or even very difficult), but for a company with such large financial resources, it shouldn't be impossible. In the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we have just seen that Facebook's priorities are different than we thought. This last hack is happened in the same year and shows that the company couldn't fix itself exactly or even worse: It didn't, because fixing is not the highest priority.

Make no mistake: I'm sure Facebook doesn't like such incident and would have prevented it if it could (they would have sold this data and make money, rather than giving it free, right?). But for me, this hack is a sign of 'priority confusion' in the firm.

Facebook is not the only company working with large amounts of data, but Facebook is one of the richest companies working with big data. Therefore it's expected to protect this data better than the others.

In short, I do not think something will change dramatically on Facebook unless the management style of Facebook changed and the CEO himself (Mark Zuckerberg) has stepped off. We have read many times about why we should leave Facebook and its affiliate services (Instagram, WhatsApp), after Cambridge Analytica scandal. But many of us still use these services actively. In this case, the following fact also appears:

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have such a big audience that stays almost as is after big disasters, therefore why would it really change priorities?

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