Dead by Daylight to feature Stranger Things

5 years ago

First off, a little bit of context for those of you who don’t know; Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer asymmetrical survival horror game where one player controls an unstoppable killer, like A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger or Scream’s Ghostface, and four players control defenseless survivors. If the killer gets to the survivors before they escape, he/she wins.

On the other hand, Stranger Things is a horror/thriller series set in 80s America, with tons of nostalgic references, and a diverse cast. The series featured a creature called the Demogorgon, a horrible monster who came from the nightmarish dimension named “upside-down”. The latest trailer for a new DLC coming for Dead by Daylight shows this creature hunting for its prey in the Hawkins National Laboratory as it was seen in Stranger Things.

DLC also features two new survivors from Stranger Things universe; Steve Harrington who is good with axes and ice cream scoops in the show, and the second one is Nancy Wheeler who is a young aspiring journalist and an idealist, in the show that is. We don’t know how the new killer or the two new survivors play in the game yet and the trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay.


The Stanger Things DLC for Dead by Daylight is set to be released sometime within September.

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