Google Analytics keyboard shortcuts

Google Analytics shortcuts will help you to select date intervals faster. Note: We know there are more keyboard shortcuts for Google Analytics, but we couldn't make them work. Those shortcuts aren't included here.

Google Analytics
↑   Shift + D

Go to the default dashboard of the current view

D then T

Set date range to today

D then Y

Set date range to yesterday

D then W

Set date range to last week

D then M

Set date range to last month

D then 7

Set date range to last 7 days

D then 3 then 0

Set date range to last 30 days

D then C

Toggle date comparison mode  (to the previous period of whatever you are looking at)

D then X

Toggle date comparison mode (to the previous year of the period you are looking at)

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Program information

Program name: Google Analytics (Web applications)

Google Analytics is a web analytics service used for tracking web site traffic. It has also subscription based service called Google Analytics 360, aimed for enterprise users.

Web page:

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