AirPods supposedly emitted smoke and branched off

6 years ago

Updated 6 years ago.

Your ears, would be one of the most worrying place for a gadget to explode. A man from The Tampa said his Apple AirPods started to emit smoke, thankfully exploding not while in his ear.

Jason Colon was using Apple's wireless buds during his work out session at LA Fitness in St. Petersburg. He put the earphones to get help but right AirPod was shattered by the time he returned. He said this was "craziest thing I ever went through" and said he was relieved that he put the headphones off his ears in time.

He continued "I don’t know what wouldn’ve happened to my ear. But I’m sure that since it hangs down, it could’ve been my ear lobe, you know, my ear lobe could’ve been burnt."

He said "Just because it happens to me doesn’t mean it won’t happen again."

Colon thinks this could be down to a faulty battery inside the device. An Apple spokeswoman told the company is investigation the incident.

Apple AirPods isn't the first piece of tech that turned to be life-threatening. Samsung was left no choice but to recall Galaxy Note 7, after some of them started to explode.

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