Here is the world's first gigapixel timelapse panorama!

6 years ago

We've seen such images before, gigapixel images that consist of multiple images with astonishing detail. With the world's first "Gigalapse" photo, level of amazingness taken one step above.

The 7,3 gigapixel image is created by a collaborative effort from photographer Henry Stuart of Visualise, Lenstore, Nikon and the Canary Wharf Group. The team managed to capture this high-resolution image with the help of a Nikon D850. The lens used for the capturing was a Nikon 300mm f/2,8 prime telephoto lens.

Over 6.240 photos were taken across a 155-degree view of the London from 1 Canada Square over a 24 hour period. The photos are stitched together seamlessly. This was achieved with the help of a motion control technology often used in Hollywood films such as Gravity. The resulting image has such a detail that you can even read signs 8 miles away from the camera.

Even modern smartphone cameras are far better than they're used to be, they're still away from creating such images. Such stunning photos show us that there are still plenty of things to improve about our pocket cameras.

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