iPhone XS reminded us eSIM again, but what is eSIM

5 years ago

Apple's new phones, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, come with eSIM support and allow you to use more than one SIM. eSIM is definitely not new, but after yesterday's event, you may have wondered exactly how eSIM works.

eSIM means "Embedded SIM", and if you didn't hear before, SIM is abbreviated form of Subscriber Identity Module. eSIM comes integrated with the phone's motherboard, as the name implies. Specifically, eSIM is attached into iPhone's motherboard, and it's dimensions are about 6mm x 5mm. When you buy a new phone, probably your first job is to insert your SIM card, but this isn't the case with eSIM. eSIM is also used in cars, Apple Watch 3 and Google Pixel. Other devices connected to the internet, such as smart home appliances, also benefit from eSIM.

Although eSIM looks like a stylish solution, your phone does not offer the convenience of easily replacing your SIM card. If you want to change your phone right now, you need to talk to your mobile provider. It is better for us to be able to change physical SIM cards without talking to anyone.

Note that new iPhones come with a nano SIM slot too, so you can replace SIM cards as always. 

eSIM is integrated with phone's motherboard and smaller than any SIM card


Advantages of eSIM

The advantages of eSIM are more than their disadvantages. Because eSIM does not use a SIM card slot, it allows manufacturers to be more flexible in their design. With eSIM, phones can become thinner, lighter. That's why Apple Watch uses eSIM.

Ideally, eSIM can make the life easier for international travelers who have to change SIM cards.

Disadvantages of eSIM

The most important challenge in front of the eSIM is mass adoption. To switch to eSIM, service providers need to believe eSIM is the future. However, things can go very slow in this industry. Besides, as we said earlier, replacing eSIMs is harder than replacing a SIM card, which can often annoy the people who switch phones frequently. However, we think that eSIM will be a great improvement for most users.

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