How much data YouTube consume in 1080p, 4K and 480p

Işın Akçay -
2 months ago

We just love watching videos on YouTube. But when we use internet with quota limits, we start to get worried about it. This situation is more evident on the case of mobile phones. Wouldn’t it be nice to somehow calculate the data of a video you just want to watch? In today’s article, we tried to show the data consumption of the videos on YouTube depending on their respective resolutions.

Here are the approximate data consumption of YouTube per minute:

8K (4320p) – 589 MB

4K (2160p) – 174 MB

2K (1440p) – 80 MB

1080p – 18 MB

720p – 11 MB

480p – 9 MB

360p – 4 MB

240p – 2MB

144p – 1 MB  

When you look at the numbers you can clearly come to a conclusion of that, watching an 8K video for 5 minutes with a quota of 2 gigabyte internet would leave you without internet for the rest of the month. 1080p is not anything you can ignore on mobile: Watching an hour of 1080p video will burn 1GB (~1080MB) worth of data.

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