New PowerToy will let you reassign keyboard shortcuts

Zeynel -
4 years ago

Microsoft will allow you to change the function of the keys with a new tool that will be added to PowerToys soon.

PowerToys, which the company recently re-launched for Windows 10, brings together tools for expert users. The new Keyboard Shortcuts Manager allows changing the functions of the keys on the keyboard to a different function. The interesting part is that the tool also allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts. Such tools is available as third-party software, but they are often unable to change the function of every key and they cannot be used to change keyboard shortcuts.

In the future, Keyboard Shortcuts Manager may also offer functions to replace system-level shortcuts. This would make many users happy (but it can also be used for shocking jokes).

A survey among Windows developers at the planning stage of the project shows that almost 30 percent of respondents have changed the functionality of the keys with a third-party tool like Sharpkeys. Therefore, we can say that this new addition to Microsoft PowerToys will be welcomed.

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