Metaverse: Exploiting your "big next thing" hunger

Zeynel -
2 years ago

I'm not going to try to explain what the heck is Meta (by Facebook) or Metaverse, in fact I'm not even so interested in it (as a tech writer). The thing is Mark Zuckerberg renamed the Facebook, the chronic privacy nightmare... And some, including some tech media are swallowing it willingly and happily.

Rename a nightmare, and here it comes, now it's something new and shiny?

It's engrossing... The most of the tech media are happy to use "Meta" name instead of Facebook. Ok, what could be wrong with it? 

I'm sure they aren't such navie. If you got so bad reputation that everybody doesn't look at your face, just throw your old mask and get a new, shiny one.

And lots of pages, articles with tens of pages written about "the Metaverse" which is quite controversial because it already kind of exist and Facebook is exploiting your "big next thing hunger" to make piles money, most probably with your privacy. Most probably by learning how a person you are, by making AI analyze your actions in the "Metaverse".

Thankfuly, not all the media lost their mind over this Metaverse thing.

Note that I'm not saying 'it won't become a big thing'. If this ever takes off, or rather the dazed media makes it look like something, I'm sure it'll also take a lot from people's wallets and privacy.

Following in hordes, as this is a new big shiny thing, including some people in my country (Turkiye). This is just very disappointing, and disturbing. 

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