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Online coding classes are an excellent way of learning a language and starting your professional career as a programmer. They also help improve and upgrade your current skill set if you tried to self-teach. However, there have been a number of questionable educational resources available online, making it difficult to find a trustworthy course.

In this article, we've created a list of eight relevant online coding programs to assist you to decide where to learn to code.

1. CodeGym

CodeGym is one of the best online platforms for learning Java. It offers hundreds of practical tasks and its gamified approach makes it fun and easy to master new skills.

Here, you will get mentorship, learn how to write applications, handle the interview process, get tips for effective time management and how to build an online reputation.

  • Platforms: This course is available online, on desktop IntelliJ IDEA plugin as well as on the Android application of CodeGym.
  • Programming languages: CodeGym is dedicated to Java.
  • Pricing: The Android application of CodeGym can be downloaded for free. The course subscription is available for $49 – $99 per month. You will also get free zero level, games section, and content section with the subscription.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy is a dynamic platform that teaches website building and computer programming. Their online programming courses include simple instructions, fast evaluation, as well as a program that brings non-technical people from zero to advanced. 

Users can implement what they've learned in class to actual tasks and assignments created specifically for them at Codecademy.

  • Platforms: This is available on Desktop, iOS, and Androids.
  • Programming languages: You can start learning Java, JS, PHP, C, C++, Ruby, Swift, Python, and more.
  • Pricing: The basic courses are available for free. The starting price of courses is $15.99 – $19.99 per month.

3. Treehouse

Treehouse is a technical academy that teaches basic to intermediate programs in mobile and website app design and development. Its classes are designed for people who are new to programming and want to start a profession in the technology industry. 

The platform encourages students to apply the theory they get from video courses to practice in a web-based code editor.

  • Platforms: This program is available on Desktops, iOS, and Androids.
  • Programming languages: You can start learning Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, and HTML.
  • Pricing: Treehouse is offering a 7-day free trial and after the trial period, the price is $25-$199 per month.

4. Udacity 

Udacity is a free learning network that is perfect for students of all ability levels. Machine learning, AI, coding, unmanned technologies, marketing, and cloud technology are among the areas covered by these programs. 

Udacity's objective is to make high-quality learning accessible to students, enabling students to advance their professions through technical training.

  • Platforms: This is available Online, Desktop, iOS, and Androids.  
  • Programming languages: You can learn all popular programming languages on Udacity.
  • Pricing: There are some free courses for beginners but the advanced coding courses may reach upto $3000 per course.

5. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit company that offers online programming classes to everyone. There is no requirement for prior expertise or training, and there is no registration procedure – simply register and begin practicing. The program at FreeCodeCamp offers ten fields of learning, and the total duration of each course is roughly 300 hours.

You can also start learning by visiting the official YouTube channel of FreeCodeCamp and improving your existing coding skills.

  • Platforms: It is available online and on the desktop only. There is no official app for FreeCodeCamp.
  • Programming languages: You can start learning Python, Java, C, PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML.
  • Pricing: All the courses are available for free.

6. Geeksforgeeks

GeeksforGeeks is among the best online platforms for gaining theoretical and practical knowledge on a variety of languages. It includes well-explained courses, exercises, and much more to help users acquire expertise and improve their programming knowledge.

The nicest thing about this website is that you can always discover relevant stuff on the themes and ideas you're searching for. If you look for a certain coding subject, you'll almost certainly get updated, high-quality articles comprising scripts.

  • Platforms: It is available online and on desktops only.
  • Programming languages: You can learn Java, JS, PHP, Swift, Scala, Rust, C, and several other programming languages.
  • Pricing: You can find free tutorials here to understand the basic concepts. The paid courses here are up to $300 per course.

7. W3Schools

This is a free online educational source for 14 coding disciplines. You can find hundreds of user solutions on this website. These also include basic graphics and software overviews to demonstrate how the program runs. 

Their demonstrations, which vary from basic to complex, are particularly useful if you want to learn how coding tools run. Furthermore, they provide an interactive builder that enables people to play with script examples before applying them to a program.

  • Platforms: It is available online on desktops and android.
  • Programming languages: You can find all popular programming languages on this platform.
  • Pricing: There are some free tutorials, and also they have paid courses that are up to $200 per course.

8. One Month

This is a digital programming school that offers classes in HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, and other programming languages. They are assisting the non-programmers to swiftly gain experience.

One Month courses are unusual in that they integrate video instruction with one-on-one personal assistance and goals. One Month's software development programs have been used by over 60,000 learners.

  • Platforms: This is available online and on Desktops only.
  • Programming languages: You can learn JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL, HTML CSS, and other programming languages here.
  • Pricing: It also offers a free trial period and after the trial period ends, you will have to pay $299 per year.


The majority of the tools and websites featured in this post are reliable and represent the finest content available online. Choose any of them and you’ll have the ideal opportunity to put your online programming expertise to the test while also keeping track of your achievements.

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