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These are available keyboard shortcuts when watching video on Prime Video. There aren't lots of shortcuts but they're more than enough if you're looking for the basic functionailty.


Play / Pause video


Enter / Exit full-screen


Exit full-screen mode or exit playback

Rewind 10 seconds

Fast-forward 10 seconds

Increase volume

Decrease volume


Toggle mute


Toggle subtitles / captions, switch between available subtitle / caption languages


Cycle through available audio tracks (including audio descriptions)

↑   Shift + L

Go to Library listing

↑   Shift + R

Rent movie / episode

↑   Shift + B

Buy movie / episode

Source: Amazon

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Program information

Program name: Prime Video Prime Video (Media player)

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription video on-demand and rental service by Amazon. It primarily distributes films and television series produced by Amazon Studios or licensed to Amazon.

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Last update: 17 Nov 2020

How easy to press shortcuts: 94%

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Shortcut count: 13

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