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Corsair K70 RGB

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- Shortcuts
Lighting effects can be controlled via the onboard shortcuts below when iCUE is not running or the keyboard is connected to a device that does not support iCUE.
Fn + 1

Spiral rainbow

Fn + 2


Fn + 3

Rainbow wave

Fn + 4


Fn + 5

Type lighting (per-key)

Fn + 6

Type lighting (ripple)

Fn + 7

Color shift

Fn + 8

Color pulse

Fn + 9

Color wave

Fn + 0

Static color (cycle colors)

Fn + `

Reset to onboard stored effect

Fn + -

Decrease effect speed

Fn + =

Increase effect speed

Fn + [

Rotate effect left

Fn + ]

Rotate effect right


K70 allows to highlight specific keys such as WASD by turning LED backlighting for individual keys. To do this;
1. Press and hold the Backlight Program key until the red ring around the button lights (about three seconds)
2. Touch the desired keys to turn the LEDs on or off.
3. Once the pattern is set, press and hold the Backlight Program key until the light goes off (about 3 seconds).
To switch between the custom backlight pattern and all LEDs on;
Touch the Backlight Program key to toggle between all LEDs on and the currently programmed backlight pattern.

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Program information

Program name: Corsair K70 RGB Corsair K70 RGB (Hardware)

Corsair K70 RGB is a mechanical gaming keyboard. The keyboard aims to provide the performance of K70 and adds multicolor per-key backlighting option.

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How easy to press shortcuts: 59%

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? davidj OP says : 5 months ago 11/21/2023 7:46 PM
Thicko question...does this work with the Mk.2? and if so which is the Fn key?
If not how do I do configure the keybopard without using ICUE.
I want to change the backlit color of the keys to BLUE.