Heroes of the Storm game hotkeys

Heroes of the Storm

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
11 months ago
- Shortcuts

Open talent selection pane

Ctrl + 1

Select talent 1

Ctrl + 2

Select talent 2

Ctrl + 3

Select talent 3

Ctrl + 4

Select talent 4

or Ctrl + 5
or Ctrl + 6

Center camera to your hero

Ctrl + F5

Save a camera location

or Ctrl + F6
or Ctrl + F7
or Ctrl + F8

Go to saved camera location

or F6
or F7
or F8
↑   Shift

Hold while clicking to queue multiple actions


Hold while clicking ability to target yourself with a spell


Hold your hero in place

Ctrl + Alt + F

Show ping, FPS and GPU temperature

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Program information

Program name: Heroes of the Storm (Games)

Web page: https://heroesofthestorm.com

Shortcut count: 20

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