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14 months ago
- Shortcuts
These shortcuts work anywhere in the web app and in all ZenHub pages in the extension.
Z + B

Open board

Z + D

Open Burndown

Z + V

Open velocity tracking

Z + R

Open release reports

Z + M

(web app only) Open Milestones

Z + N

(web app only) Open notifications

Z + S

(web app only) Open shortcuts

N + I

(web app only) Create new issue

↑   Shift + Z

Open Repo selector (sidebar in the web app), open Repo switcher (extension)

These shortcuts can be used to manage your Issue data on open Issues.
I + P

Select pipeline

I + L

(web app only) Select label

I + A

(web app only) Select assignee

I + M

(web app only) Select milestone

I + E

Select estimate

I + K

Select epic

I + R

Select release

I + D

Select dependency



N + I

New issue

↑   Shift + F

Enter full screen

B + P

Filter repo

B + L

Filter labels

B + M

Filter milestones

B + A

Filter assignees

B + K

Filter epics

B + R

Filter releases

When Issues are selected on the Board, use these shortcuts to interact with the Multi-action options.
B + P

Select pipeline

B + L

Select label

B + A

Select assignee

B + M

Select milestone

B + E

Select estimate

B + K

Select epic

B + R

Select release

In the Burndown, Velocity tracking, and Release report pages, you can quickly filter and see more detailed data.
B + L

Filter report by label

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Program information

Program name: ZenHub (Developer tools)

ZenHub is an agile project management closely integrated with GitHub.

Web page: https://www.zenhub.com

Shortcut count: 34

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