Telegram blocked a channel for pirated content ~
3 months ago

Popular messaging platform Telegram has blocked a controversial channel for the first time, according to a Russian news outlet TASS. The channel reportedly included broadcasts of copyrighted audio.

Russian IT watchdog Roskomnadzor began accepting requests to prevent or limit access to pirated content online last month. The watchdog said it is first time ever for Telegram to block a channel over it's platform because of copyright infringement. Watchdog said:

“The Telegram messenger has for the first time blocked a channel that broadcasts audio content in violation of author’s rights. We will unite efforts in the fight for legal content.”

In June, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov was asked by a regulator to register his company in the country or face being blocked due to operating against Russian law. While Durov agreed to register his company, he said at the time Telegram messages wouldn't be handed over to Russian regulators if asked. So Telegram probably isn't allowing Roskomnadzor to control everything but blocking of a channel shows that platform has a space to bend to some demands.

Source: TASS

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