Why I left Spotify

5 years ago

Updated 5 years ago.

Today I left Spotify after some features seem never going to come It's "music service" is fine but there are some things I didn't like and their insisting on these features made me leave it. I should say this isn't any recommendation about staying with Spotify or not. Their service can be fine for someone else.

Here is what I've written on their "Why do you leave?" box. I think it sums pretty well.

  • I do not want social features. If Spotify is a "social music service" that's my fault to be here then.
  • Spotify doesn't seem to care about feature requests of people so much.
  • Users shouldn't be forced to see your opening page, with your picks (PC / Android). User may not like everybody you like.
  • "Extreme friendly language" - This can be due to translation too, but I don't like it. I prefer formal ones.

Bottom line: I believe you always should give most of control to the user. Especially in a paid service...

Thank you for the good service anyway.

Maybe I'll switch to Apple Music, Tidal or something similar. By the way, I try to support some of the artists I listen by buying their albums. I'd like to recommend you the same if you aren't doing the same already.

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