Free strorage for Google Photos is ending

3 years ago

If you are one of those who "enjoy" free backup of your photos to Google Photos, you will need to make a new plan as of June 1, 2021. Google says it's becoming costly to offer such service and will offer this opportunity only to Pixel owners after June.

Google's easy-to-use backup and photo organizing service Google Photos allowed you to use unlimited storage space in the "High quality" setting for some quality loss. Head of product David Liev says free storage should cover the "primary cost". In other words, he means that unlimited backups are starting to get too expensive for Google. According to Liev, 28 billion photos and videos are uploaded to the service every week, and there are 4 trillion photos on Google's servers.

With the change, your photos will be included in your Google Drive quota. Google says it can "delete" your photos if you don't use your account for two years and stay over the limit at that time. Although the company will warn you before deleting your precious memories of years, you will probably want to watch your usage.

This change from Google may upset those who rely on Photos' free storage. Such change may also cause users to switch to competing services such as Apple iCloud. Users who do not have any commitment to Google's ecosystem may decide that the Apple One, which includes services such as Apple Music and TV Plus, just offers more value.

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