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7 months ago
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Display keyboard shortcuts


Expand and collapse left navigation


Focus site search

  These shortcuts work except for Your work and repository source.

Open the Omnibar


Select next item


Select previous item

⤶ Enter

View selected item

or O
G then D

Go to Your work dashboard

G then A

Go to your Bitbucket settings


Dismiss dialog or remove focus


Go back


Expand and collapse right sidebar


Focus the file filter

  (Except for source)
C then R

Create a repository

I then R

Import a repository

R then S

Open repository Source

or R then O
R then C

Open repository Commits

R then B

Open repository Branches

R then P

Open repository Pull requests

R then I

Open repository Issues

R then W

Open repository Wiki

R then D

Open repository Downloads

R then A

Open repository Settings


Search for file

  (Except for Source and Settings)
X then F

Fork repository

X then B

Create branch

X then C

Compare branches or tags

X then P

Create pull request

X then I

Create issue

Ctrl then ⤶ Enter

Submit a comment

T then C

Toggle display of inline comments

P then D

Switch to the pull request diff tab

P then C

Switch to the pull request commits tab

P then A

Switch to the pull request activity tab

↑   Shift then T

Show the list of tasks

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Program information

Program name: Bitbucket Cloud (Developer tools)

Bitbucket is a web-based version control hosting service by Atlassian. It is similar to GitHub. In September 2016, the company announced it reached 5 million developers and 900.000 teams on its platform.

Web page:

Shortcut count: 37

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