Bloxburg build mode (PC) game hotkeys

Bloxburg build mode (PC) controls

Zeynel Öztürk -
3 years ago
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Program information

Program name: Bloxburg build mode (PC) Bloxburg build mode (PC) (Games - PC)

Bloxburg is a Roblox building-roleplay game developed by Coeptus. It provides an advanced house-building system, allowing users to create virtual architecture on a 30x30 grid.

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How easy to press shortcuts: 95%

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2/22/2021 8:13:56 AM Updated program information.

Shortcut count: 18

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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aless OP says : 2 months ago 7/13/2023 7:45 PM
how do you select multiple items at a time and move it

Guest OP says : 6 months ago 3/22/2023 6:04 PM
How to place anything with the Keyboard? Like how

Yuna OP says : 6 months ago 3/16/2023 5:28 AM
How to get a key??

Guest OP says : 8 months ago 1/15/2023 7:49 PM
There is, actually! It's the J key!

Guest OP says : 10 months ago 12/7/2022 1:01 AM
But there is?

Guest OP says : 11 months ago 10/23/2022 5:42 PM
When i press F to paint i exit the full screen and it never did that how can i fix that? somebody help. :(

Lol OP says : 14 months ago 8/13/2022 2:42 AM
How do I move down?

Guest OP says : 14 months ago 7/26/2022 5:52 PM
its J

Guest OP says : 15 months ago 7/4/2022 10:02 AM
hold the space bar to look directly up in build mode

Guest OP says : 15 months ago 6/19/2022 5:51 AM
Toggle roofs (U).
Toggle advanced placing (K).
Toggle grid size (J).
Toggle time (B).

Guest OP says : 16 months ago 5/25/2022 1:24 AM

Guest OP says : 18 months ago 3/20/2022 11:01 PM
page up and page down for floor level

Guest OP says : 21 months ago 1/14/2022 4:03 AM
there is its J

drkie OP says : 22 months ago 12/19/2021 3:20 AM
btw press "U", for shortcut to removing your roof

Guest OP says : 22 months ago 12/18/2021 12:11 PM
there is its J

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