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Program name: LastPass LastPass (Web applications)

LastPass is a popular password manager. It keeps your passwords encrypted in cloud, and provides desktop apps, browser extensions, mobile apps, auto fill, secure password generation and password sharing features.

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Shortcut count: 6

How easy to press shortcuts: 83%

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HolPol says: 37 days ago 8/16/2019 5:44 AM
I am struggling with hotkeys and can't find any answers that work with Mac OS Mojave.

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Zeynel (defkey) says in reply to HolPol : 37 days ago 8/16/2019 9:25 AM
Maybe check your default Lastpass shortcuts:

On Chrome,
On Chrome toolbar, right click LastPass icon > Options > Hotkeys.


sferencik says: 12 months ago 9/24/2018 12:04 PM
Oh, nice! I completely missed that. Thanks!

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sferencik says: 12 months ago 9/23/2018 9:47 AM
Is there any way to change the shortcuts? The LastPass Ctrl-Alt-H (open the Vault) clashes with Ctrl-Alt-H at (archive conversation). Neither LastPass nor Android Messages seems to have an option to configure the shortcuts.

Suppose I want to work around this, what's the best way to do so? Would a Tampermonkey script be able to disable the event handler from LastPass when on

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Zeynel says in reply to sferencik : 12 months ago 9/23/2018 9:54 AM
On Chrome, try Clicking Lastpass icon > Preferences > Hotkeys tab. Ctrl + Alt + H seems to be configurable here.