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Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension)

Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
6 months ago
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Nostalgy adds much needed shortcuts to Mozilla's e-mail client. Thunderbird already has a set of shortcuts, but with Nostalgy's help, you can cut, copy messages; navigate in folders and interface faster.


Save message

↑   Shift + S

Save as suggested


Copy message

↑   Shift + C

Copy as suggested


Go to folder

↑   Shift + G

Go as suggested


Save message and go there


Hide folder pane


Show messages with same sender

` then `

Search messages with same subject

` then ` then `

Cancel QuickSearch


Hide/show the folder pane

Esc then F

Focus the folder pane

Esc then M

Focus the message pane

Esc then Esc

Focus the thread pane

Esc then Esc then Esc

Focus the thread pane, clear quick search box, select the "All" view

Ctrl + ←  →

Scroll the message from the thread pane

When a rule selects a folder for a given message, Nostalgy informs you in the status line. You can then use following shortcuts:
↑   Shift + S


↑   Shift + C


↑   Shift + G

Go to folder

↑   Shift + B

Save message and go there

T then O

Change header to To:

C then C

Change header to Cc:

B then C then C

Change header to Bcc:

Esc then Esc

Focus the message body

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Program information

Program name: Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) Nostalgy (Thunderbird extension) (Productivity)

Nostalgy is a useful add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client. It adds some keyboard shortcuts for actions like changing folder, copying messages and provides tools for organizing e-mails.

Web page:

Last update: 21 Apr 2020

Shortcut count: 25

How easy to press shortcuts: 78%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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