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11 months ago
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OBS Studio allows you to set up your own keyboard shortcuts almost for any actions. we have listed the default hotkeys below.

Ctrl + C

Copy source

Ctrl + V

Paste source


Remove source

Ctrl +

Move source up in sources list

Ctrl +

Move source down in sources list

Ctrl + Home

Move source top of souces list

Ctrl + End

Move source bottom of souces list

Ctrl + E

Edit transform

Ctrl + R

Reset transform

Ctrl + F

Fit to screen

Ctrl + S

Stretch to screen

Ctrl + D

Center to screen

Nudge source up

Nudge source down

Nudge source left

Nudge source sağa


Hold Alt and drag the bounding box (edges turn green to indicate they are cropped): Crop a source


Hold Ctrl while moving/adjusting bounding box:    Temporarily disable source snapping (if enabled)

These shorcuts are only active when the preview is set to fixed scaling (canvas or output):
Space + Mouse left click + Mouse movement

Move preview

Space + Mouse wheel up and down

Zoom preview

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Program information

Program name: OBS Studio (General)

OBS Studio is a free and open source software used for streaming live video and video recording. Also known as Open Broadcaster Software, it can live stream to YouTube, Periscope, Twitch and any other RTMP server.

Web page: https://obsproject.com

Shortcut count: 20

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