What is Ctrl + D keyboard shortcut for?

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  1. PuTTY - Exit the current shell
  2. Microsoft Excel 2019 - Use the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format of the topmost cell of a selected range into the cells below
  3. Microsoft Word 2019 - Open the Font dialog box to change the formatting of characters.
  4. Opera - Save page address as new bookmark
  5. Notepad++ - Duplicate current line

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1Password - Show vaults.

Arch Linux - Inserts an EOF

Ardour - Select all in punch range

Audacity - Duplicate

E-Sword - Font Editors only

Firefox Quantum - Bookmark this page

GoldWave - Crossfades the selection with the sound in the clipboard.

Google Chrome - Save your current webpage as a bookmark

Maxthon - Add to Favorites

Microsoft Edge - Add current site to favorites or reading list

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Add site to favorites

Microsoft Photos App - Add selected items to album

Mozilla Thunderbird - New task

OBS Studio - Center to screen

Opera - Save page address as new bookmark

Quicken 2018 - Delete a transaction or split line

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Log out and close shell prompt

Skype - Launch main dial pad

Skype - Launch main dialpad

uTorrent - Add new torrent but don't save automatically

Vivaldi - Create bookmark

Windows 10 Maps - Get directions

Wunderlist - Mark selected To-dos as "Completed"

Text editing

Ace Editor - Remove line

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - Document properties

Bluefish - Bookmark

Brackets - Duplicate

CherryTree 0.38.8 - Duplicate the Current Row/Selected Rows

Evince 3.32 - Add a bookmark in the current page.

FocusWriter - Close notification

gedit - Delete the current line

GNU Emacs - Character (delete, not kill) - forward

LibreOffice Writer - Double Underline

Microsoft Word 2019 - Open the Font dialog box to change the formatting of characters.

Nano - Delete the character under the cursor

Notepad2 - Duplicate line

Nuance Power PDF - Open document properties

PDF-XChange Editor - Document Properties

PSPad - Open Active File with New Name...

Sublime Text - Select word - Repeat select others occurrences

TextRoom - Insert date

Wordpad - Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing

WordPerfect X8 - Date

WriteMonkey - Select next occurrence

Xodo - Add bookmark

Zim - Insert timestamp


ACDSee - Opens the currently selected image in Develop mode

Adobe Animate CC (Windows) - Duplicate

Adobe Dimension CC (Windows) - Duplicate

Adobe Illustrator - Repeat transforming objects in perspective

Adobe Illustrator - Reapply a transformation to an object

Adobe Lightroom Classic - Deselect all photos

Adobe Photoshop CC - Deselect all pins

Adobe Photoshop CC - Deselect all

Adobe Photoshop CC - Deselect a point

Adobe Photoshop CC - Delete current selection

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) - Apply Video Transition

Adobe XD (Windows) - Duplicate

Affinity Photo - Deselect

Affinity Photo - Clear Mask

ArtRage Studio Pro - Deselect All

Autodesk SketchBook (Windows) - Deselect

Autodesk SketchBook (Windows) - Clear selection

Canva (Windows) - Duplicate

Clip Studio Paint Pro - Deselect

Corel Painter - None

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 - Duplicate

Cura 4 - Clear all objects from the build plate

DraftSight 2019 - Toggle Dynamic CS mode

FastStone Image Viewer - Cancel the selection

GIMP - Duplicate image

Gmsh 4.1.4 - Attach/detach menu

Gravit Designer - Duplicate

HitFilm - Duplicate selection

Imagine (Image and Animation Viewer) - Change color depth

Inkscape - Duplicate selection

LDCad - Duplicate the current selection

LightWave 3D - Sliders

Nuke - Duplicate selected item(s)

Nuke - Disconnect upstream node

Paint.NET - Deselect active selection

Paint.NET - Commit text or tool drawing to layer

Paint.NET - Deselect active selection

PaintShop Pro 2018 - Select none

PhotoDirector 10 - Deselect all photos in the browser panel

Pinnacle Studio 22 - Deselect all

PowerDirector 17 - Detect scenes

PowerDirector 17 - Detect scenes

ProgeCAD - Coordinate

Shotcut - Deselect All

Siemens NX - Delete

Simplify3D - Duplicate models

Substance Painter - Duplicate layer

Tinkercad - Duplicate selection in same place

Windows Movie Maker - Add selected clips to the storyboard/timeline

System tools

Bash (Unix shell) - Close the bash shell

Bash (Unix shell) - Delete the character under the cursor

Cisco IOS - Delete character at the cursor

Everything - Bookmark the current search

FastStone Capture 9.2 - Cancel the selection

iTerm2 - Delete current character

PhraseExpress - In tree view, duplicate the currently selected item

VirtualBox 6.0 - Virtual Media Manager...

VMware Workstation 5.0 - Edit the virtual machine's configuration.

Developer tools

Android Studio - Duplicate current line or selection

App Maker - Delete the line

Atom (Windows) - If you select a word, and then hit the key combo for this command, Atom will select the next same word for you. Then you can either type directly (which will replace the old words) or use left or right arrow to append things.

Atom (Windows) - native!

Atom (Windows) - (Source: Find And Replace) find-and-replace:select-next

Autodesk Stingray - Duplicate

AWS Cloud9 IDE (Windows) - Remove Line

Chrome DevTools - Select / de-select the next occurrence of whatever word the cursor is on. Each occurrence is highlighted simultaneously

Code::Blocks 17.12 - Duplicate line caret is on

Code::Blocks 17.12 - Line duplicate.

CodeMirror - Delete line under the cursor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor - Validate HTML

DBeaver 6.0.3 - Add bookmark on selected element

Delphi - Deletes a currently selected block

Eclipse - Delete line

FBIde - Make a copy of current line

FileMaker - Date

FileMaker - Duplicate

Free Pascal IDE - Char right

Git Tower (Windows) - Open external diff tool for current view

HeidiSQL - Database tree

IntelliJ IDEA (Windows, Linux) - Duplicate current line

IPython Shell - Delete next character in line

IPython Shell - Exit IPython session

jEdit - Delete line

JetBrains WebStorm - Duplicate current line or selected block

JS Bin - Highlight and place multiple cursor on matching words

Looker 6.8 (Windows) - Delete current or selected lines

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Edit.GoToFindCombo

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Format.TabOrder

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (Most used shortcuts) - Edit.GoToFindCombo

Mode SQL Editor (Windows) - Remove line

Notepad++ - Duplicate current line

PyCharm 2018.2 - Duplicate selected block or the line at the caret.

Roblox Studio - Duplicate

RPG Maker - Open Dungeon Auto-generating

RStudio - Delete Line

SAP ABAP - Delete line

Skipper - Create Module

SmartGit 19 - Rebase HEAD to

SQLyog - Create Database

Toad For Oracle (Windows) - Description

Unity - Duplicate

Visual Studio Code (Linux) - Add selection to next Find match

Visual Studio Code (Windows) - Add selection to next Find match

Windows PowerShell ISE - Go to Command (v2) or Console (v3 and later) Pane

WinHex - Clone disk

Web applications

Chromebook and Chrome OS - Save your current web page as a bookmark

Elementor - Duplicate section / column / widget

FastMail - Format as code

Joomla - Save and close

Sitecore CMS - Duplicate the selected item

SnapStream - Capture screenshot

Zoho Mail - Deselect all mail

File manager

FileZilla - Disconnects from server

Mp3tag - Change directory

Multi Commander - Unselect All

PeaZip - Display/organize bookmarks

PuTTY - Exit the current shell

WhereIsIt? - Add new disk image

WinRAR - Change drive

Xyplorer - Copy Here with Increment

Media player

5KPlayer 6.0 - Open a DVD

Amarok (Windows) - Queue Track

GOM Player - Open directory

KMPlayer - Open DVD standard device

MusicBee - Start/end bookmark

PotPlayer 1.7 - Open DVD

SMPlayer 19.5.0 - Toggle double size

VLC Media Player - Open disc menu

Winamp - Doublesize mode


Astroneer - Walk

ChessBase 13 - Display databases as detailed list

Company of Heroes - Activate mini-map defence point ping

CoSpaces Edu - Deselect objects

NetHack - Kick

Tibia - Switch to the Local Chat Channel

Zwift (PC and macOS) - Open My Zwift Dashboard in browser

Social & Messaging

Cisco Jabber - Reject calls

Claws Mail - Move to trash

Claws Mail - Delete a character forward

eM Client - Delete


Comodo IceDragon - Bookmark This Page

Kaspersky Internet Security - Add to Favorites


Ableton Live 10 - Duplicate

Accounting CS - Document Properties

ActivePresenter 7 - Drag-n-drop

AutoQuotes - Toggle details

Basecamp - Delete forward

Bluebeam Revu - Document properties

CintaNotes 3.13 - Clear currently selected text of any formatting.

draw.io - Duplicate

Evernote for Windows - Font

Figma - Duplicate selection in place

Final Draft 11 (Windows) - Spelling

FL Studio 20 - Deselect selection

FL Studio 20 - Deselect selection

Google Sheets - Fill down

Google Sheets (Android) - Fill down

Guitar Pro - Brush downstroke

Hatim 4 - Stop

Huggle - Delete page

Kindle for PC - Bookmark

Lacerte - Delete a property or all entries on the screen

Lacerte - Delete a full line of input

LibreOffice - Deletes the selected theme

Lucidchart - Download / Export a PDF or image

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Use the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format of the topmost cell of a selected range into the cells below

Microsoft Excel 2019 - Uses the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format of the topmost cell of a selected range into the cells below.

Microsoft Sticky Notes - Delete note

MYOB AccountRight - Receive money

Notezilla - Trash note

Notezilla - Trash note

Notion (Windows) - Duplicate the blocks you've selected

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Delete an item

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Decline a task request

Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 - Delete selected item

QTranslate 6.7.3 - Show dictionary

QuickBooks Desktop - Delete the current transaction or list item

REAPER - Item: Duplicate items

REAPER - Edit: Duplicate events

SAP NetWeaver Business Client 5.0 for Desktop - Disconnect Side Panel

Tableau - Connect to data source

The Bat! - Delete message duplicates

UiPath Studio - Ignores the activity that is currently selected by placing it into a Comment Out container

WavePad - Duplicate

WPS Office - Uses the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format of the topmost cell of a selected range into the cells below

yEd 3.19 - Duplicate


Alteryx - Deselect all selected items

FreeCAD 0.18 - Appearance

GeoGebra - Toggle value/definition/command

KiCad 5.0.2 - Duplicate Item

Maple - Delete (to Right of Cursor), or Exit Maple (if on a Blank Line)

Tekla Structures 20 - Switch direct modification on / off

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