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21 months ago
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Some newer keyboards include an "Office" key for Microsoft Office users. If your keyboard has such a key, these shortcuts can be used to quickly open Office apps. This can in fact, sends a Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Windows to system, therefore doesn't invent a whole new key which would create various problems to solve.

These shortcut keys will only open corresponding applications if Microsoft Office is installed. If Office is not installed, will open in default browser instead.
Another important note is that Office key only works Windows 10 May 2019 update (Version 1903) or newer.
Office + W

Open Microsoft Word

Office + P

Open Microsoft PowerPoint

Office + X

Open Microsoft Excel

Office + O

Open Microsoft Outlook

Office + T

Open Microsoft Teams

Office + D

Open OneDrive in File Explorer

Office + N

Open OneNote

Office + L

Open in default browser

Office + Y

Open Yammer

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Program name: Office key Office key (Hardware)

How easy to press shortcuts: 50%

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