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3 years ago
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You can easily view these shortcuts by pressing ? key on the keyboard. But since you are here, we provide you both list and article viewing shortcuts in one place. Enjoy!

G then L

Go to List

G then A

Go to Archive

G then F

Go to Favorites

G then R

Go to Articles

G then V

Go to Videos

G then I

Go to Images

G then S

Go to Search

G then B

Bulk edit

G then U

Save a URL

S then N

Sort by newest

S then O

Sort by oldest

V then L

List view

V then T

Tile view

V then W

Switch to light theme

V then D

Switch to dark theme

V then S

Change to sepia theme (in Article view)


Select next item


Select previous item


Archive selected item


Favorite selected item


Tag selected item


View original version of selected item

⤶ Enter

Open selected item


Open help overlay

or /
Ctrl + +

Increase / decrease font size

or Ctrl + -

Go back


Toggle full screen mode


Edit tags


Archive item


Favorite item


View original

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Program information

Program name: Pocket (Web) Pocket (Web) (Web applications)

Pocket is a service and application for saving articles from the internet. It allows to save an article or page on remote servers for later reading. The article also sent to user's devices for offline reading. In February 2017, Pocket was acquired by Mozilla Corporation.

Web page: getpocket.com

Last update: 11 Nov 2019

Shortcut count: 33

How easy to press shortcuts: 74%

Platform detected: Windows or Linux (not macOS)

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