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You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in the Shopify admin. Admin shortcuts are a sequence of keys, which means you press multiple keys without holding down. You should type the shortcut in about 1 second.

Ctrl + C


Ctrl + V


Ctrl + F


These shortcuts will work whether the list is open or not.

List these keyboard shortcuts


Focus search bar


Focus filter bar

M then E

Go to your profile

B then O then S then S

Pretend to be working

B then Y then E

Log out

A then Add


A then C

Add collection

A then D

Add discount

A then B

Add blog post

A then L

Add blog

A then G

Add page

A then U

Add customer

G then H

Go to Home

G then O

Go to Orders

G then B then C

Go to Abandoned checkouts

G then P then P

Go to Products

G then P then T

Go to Products / Transfers

G then P then I

Go to Products / Inventory

G then P then C

Go to Products / Collections

G then P then G

Go to Products / Gift cards

G then C

Go to Customers

G then N

Go to Analytics

G then D

Go to Discounts

G then W then O

Go to Online Store / Overview

G then W then B

Go to Online Store / Blog posts

G then W then P

Go to Online Store / Pages

G then T then O

Go to Point of Sale / Overview

G then T then L

Go to Point of Sale / Locations

G then A

Go to Apps

G then S then G

Go to Settings / General

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Program information

Program name: Shopify (Web applications)

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows you to manage an online store and sell products through it. Shopify can be tried for 14 days, before deciding to go with monthly paid plans.

Web page:

Shortcut count: 34

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