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Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
14 days ago
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Tor Browser uses default Firefox keyboard shortcuts, except two shortcuts for "New identity" and "New tor circuit". These two shortcuts are listed below for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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Program information

Program name: Tor Browser Tor Browser (General)

Tor Browser is a Firefox-based free and open-source web browser that enables anonymous communication. The browser directs internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network. This allows hiding the user's location and usage from anyone performing network surveillance or traffic analysis.

Web page:

How easy to press shortcuts: 75%

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6/17/2022 11:31:23 AM Updated program information.

Shortcut count: 4

Platform detected: macOS

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Bazza says: 6 days ago 6/26/2022 4:20 AM
can anybody hellp,, after downlloading tor ,shortcut wil not display on desktop after one use. Have to downlload again and again.