Windows 95 can now run as an .exe file

6 years ago

Those who used a computer in 1995 knows that the computing was quite different from now. Internet wasn't widespread at all, and many of us would still use floppy disks. With the launch of the Windows 95, Microsoft changed everything.

Windows 95 was one of the most important update for Microsoft's operating system in history, by no doubt. With its errors, it made lots of people sick too, it's true but it was first desktop operating system used by many people.

How Windows 95 would look today? Now you have the chance to download it as an app and try.

Slack developer Felix Rieseberg created an Windows 95 app that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. This app is based on existing web project that lets you use various older operating systems in your browser. Anyway, for some for us we think it's more special to download Windows 95, rather than running it in the browser.

The download size was just about 145MB for the standalone 64-bit version of the application. It takes about 433MB in your hard drive after unzipping and takes about 200MB RAM while  running. After you download and run the program, it locks your mouse cursor into it's window. You can press Esc key to unlock the cursor.

The Windows 95 app can run programs like WordPad, MS Paint, Minesweeper. While it has some problems (like cursor alignment issues), it just runs fine and allows you to use many aspects of the operating system.

Download: Windows 95 app (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Did you download Windows 95 app? How did it feel to go back to the 1995 on your modern computer? Write us in the comments below.

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