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(in iOS and Android mode) Show power meter

Fn + F12

(Windows mode) Show power meter

Blinking 1 time means the battery is around 25%; blinking 2 times means the battery is around 50%, blinking 3 times means the battery is 75%, blinking 4 times means the battery is full.

(long press) Pairing

or Bluetooth2
or Bluetooth3

(short press) Switch

or Bluetooth2
or Bluetooth3


Step 1: On the keyboard. slide the power button on. The blue power light will illuminate for 4 seconds and then turn off to save power. Your keyboard is still on.
Step 2: Long press the G for 3 seconds till you see 01 light is blinking.
Step 3: On your 1st device. select: Settling > Bluetooth > On.
Step 4: Your 1st device will display "Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard" as an available device.
Step 5: Select "bluetooth 3.0 keyboard" on the 1st device, the keyboard is paired to your 1st device now.
Step 6: Press Fn+Q if your 1st device is iOS: press Fn+W if your.1st device is Anroid; press Fn+E if your 1st device is Windows.
Note: If you skip the step 6, Windows may not use F1 - F12 and Esc key properly. If this is the case, press Fn + E to set your operating system as Windows.

Turn on the Fn lock

Fn + F6

Turn off the Fn lock

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Program information

Program name: Arteck keyboard Arteck keyboard (Hardware)

Arteck HB220b Bluetooth Keyboard is a portable and wireless keyboard. It can work with tablets, smartphones and Windows.

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How easy to press shortcuts: 66%

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