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Ducky One Mini 2 is the one of the most popular 60% keyboards around and its shortcuts are almost essential for using it. In this article, we have listed Ducky One Mini 2 shortcuts taken from the keyboard's manual. From resetting the keyboard to using specific functions, this list will hopefully help using the keyboard.

Fn + ↑  Shift + H

Backlit modes switching

Fn + ↑  Shift + I

Adjust color red

Fn + ↑  Shift + J

Adjust color green

Fn + ↑  Shift + K

Adjust color blue

Fn + ↑  Shift + L

Erase all value

Fn + ↑  Shift + M

Color palette

Fn + ↑  Shift + N

Backlit mode: Wave mode (default)

Fn + ↑  Shift + O

Backlit mode: Color Cycle mode

Fn + ↑  Shift + P

Backlit mode: Rain drop mode

Fn + ↑  Shift + Q

Backlit mode: Ripple mode

Fn + ↑  Shift + R

Backlit mode: Random Reactive mode

Fn + ↑  Shift + S

Backlit mode: Reactive mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑  Shift + T

Backlit mode: 100% Full backlit mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑  Shift + U

Backlit mode: Breathe mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑  Shift + V

Backlit mode: Radar mode (color adjustable)

Fn + ↑  Shift + W

Backlit mode: Backlit OFF

Fn + ↑  Shift + X

"." key on the numpad

Fn + ↑  Shift + Y

Number lock

Note: Needs to be recorded first before use.

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Program information

Program name: Ducky One 2 Mini Ducky One 2 Mini (Hardware)

Ducky One 2 Mini is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX RGB Switches and macro support. It is a "60% keyboard" which means without numeric keypad.

Web page:

Last update: 6/19/2024 12:33 AM UTC

How easy to press shortcuts: 54%

More information >>

Updated: Updated program information. (10 updates.) 5/5/2021 6:29:38 AM Added some shortcuts.
5/5/2021 6:52:06 AM Added some shortcuts.
11/12/2021 11:24:28 AM Updated program information.
11/14/2021 10:59:15 PM Updated program information.
6/19/2024 2:33:14 AM Updated program information.

Shortcut count: 134

Platform detected: Windows or Linux

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User operations

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What is your favorite Ducky One 2 Mini hotkey? Do you have any useful tips for it? Let other users know below.

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? Guest OP says: 8 months ago 11/12/2023 2:31 AM
fn+alt+p, idk what it does, but can ya'll find out?
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Is there a way for a macro to keep being pressed down until you release it like holding down a regular button?
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? Guest OP says: 16 months ago 4/10/2023 12:49 PM
When i press H and shift it types x all the time how can I fix it
? doodledoo OP says: 16 months ago 4/8/2023 1:01 PM
if you have german keyboard (i have german one) hold shift and type Ä
? Guest OP says: 16 months ago 3/15/2023 1:36 AM
Using a 60% keyboard like Ducky One 2 Mini can be a tricky thing. Due to a limited number of keys, a lot of its functions are performed using shortcuts. A 60% keyboard is definitely a perfect fit for users who love compact and de-cluttered loot on their desks.
? Angelo Barnes OP says: 17 months ago 3/13/2023 1:18 AM
? Guest OP says: 17 months ago 3/11/2023 4:33 AM
I'm stuck in display mode, how i fix
? DoodleDoo says in reply to Guest : 16 months ago 4/8/2023 1:00 PM
unplug then plug in, that how i fix it

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