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Zeynel Abidin Öztürk -
9 months ago
- Shortcuts

(on left panel) Change folder or feed name


(in Feed management window) Change feed's individual properties


Add new feed

↑   Shift + F3

Add new smartfeed

Ctrl + F3

Add new folder


Navigate to next unread headline in standard view or web view

⤶ Enter

If pressed while in articles list, opens article web page in minibrowser or external browser


(while feed list is focused) Open feed or folder delete dialog


(while article list is focused) Open article delete dialog

Alt + 1

Switch to standard view

Alt + 2

Switch to wide view

Alt + 3

Switch to webview

Alt +

Go back in web browser

Alt +

Go forward in web browser

Alt +

Go to previous headline if web view is selected

Alt +

Go to next headline if web view is selected

Ctrl + R

Mark selected folder or feed as read

Ctrl + 1

Show headlines ungrouped

Ctrl + 2

Show headlines grouped by date

Ctrl + 3

Show headlines grouped by tag

Ctrl + 4

Show headlines grouped by source

Ctrl + ↑   Shift + F5

Update all feeds in application

Ctrl + U

Refresh article list

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Program information

Program name: Feedreader (General)

Feedreader is a free RSS and Atom aggregator software for Windows. It has an auto-discovery feature that allows you to find RSS feeds on any web page and subscribe them automatically.

Web page: https://www.feedreader.com

Shortcut count: 23

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